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This photo is raw mohair curls before it is made into roving. It has been washed. Shown with a red felted rose. This is my Silver Ice mohair.



I did have a question actually – I bought some kid mohair from a store and it looked like a ball of fluff, but its actually just one long strand of ‘hair’. Is this what is called ‘carded’?


When fiber is longer than 5 inches or so, it has been carded and turned into roving. Carded is another word for combed. The fiber goes through a machine with hundreds of thin wire teeth on it and all the fibers get aligned in one direction and slightly joined together. If you pull on a little of the roving, the true length will show. Pull on both ends of a little piece and when nothing else stretches out, that will be your fiber length. You can use the roving as long pieces if you were making say, a 12 inch long coated sculpture. Wool and other fibers like mohair don’t growth long enough for the coat of a large sculpture. The roving is combed together to make longer strands. If the long fur is pulled on after felted in, it will separate.

The above picture is mohair curls in their natural state…minus the dirt!!HA! This is called RAW fiber. Raw fiber can be washed or dirty.

(* Please notice my post on washing wool/fiber. ) Mohair is very fine and slippery like human hair and is very hard to needle felt. It can be used as a topcoat felted into a coarse wool base. Mohair is not wool, as it is from goats. Only sheep produce wool. Of course, lots of fibers are called wool just because that’s what they look like. These mohair curls are about 4 to 5 inches long and could be made into roving. You can notice the lovely curls in the natural mohair. This is all natural fiber, not dyed,  and you can notice the variations in the color. I have lots of colors of mohair that I sell mostly to baby doll makers that use it for baby hair.


Here is an amazing doll baby with my golden brown mohair. Doesn’t it look real!

The artist can be reached at

I sell mohair washed, combed and conditioned. This method preserves the pretty curls and gets all of the loose hay and snarls out. There is NO WASTE! I sell it in my new DREAMFIBER shop on Etsy.

Please check items sold, as I only have one mohair listed right now, but I do take orders and have most natural colors of mohair.

**Please leave your questions in the “YOUR RESPONSE” box after any post and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability or I will find out the answer for you! HAPPY FELTING!!


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