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WILLOW is a fantasy horse that I made with wool, sparkles, and snowflakes. She has a long, crimped mane and tail with blue highlights. Perfect for your favorite fairy!



  1. She’s a beauty, Gerry!
    Hope to get back to felting after the holidays….
    It’s a treat to see these new sculptures & get inspired again….

  2. I love her sparkly mane! How beautiful. 🙂 I love your snow here, too. What a magical blog!

  3. Hi Lynne, Thanks so much! It’s nice hearing from you again! I can’t wait to see your cairn when it is done. Send a picture and I’ll feature it:)

  4. Hi Gina,
    I had so much fun with the mane and tail on this one. I love the snow here too! It is only for a limited time, but it is so neat! Hope that you are doing well:)

  5. Outstanding! Horse. Willow is super. And the photo setting is Great. The horse is perfect. Gerry spoke about picture taking, I am sure Gerry, likes this whole presentaion. It really creates a feel and mood for this outstanding needle felted Horse.

    Many Soft Nickers,


  6. Thanks so much Debra. I worked on this horse for ages! I wish the legs were thinner, but that was as thin as I could make it. I tried to make a 3D affect and the branches behind the horse on the left are real branches with faux frost pieces on them. I hated to part with it. Of course, I say that about pretty much everything that I felt!!HA!

  7. It is Wonderful. I had to mention how you informed us about taking pictures, this “nails” it with presentaion. It is so pretty. The horse anatomy looks RIGHT on the mark. To me. I know, we, ourselves are our worst critics, and that is good, as we try our best and give it our critical eye, BUT from my view, the horse, is perfectly shaped.

    I like the fantasy coloring, very creative of you. How tall is Willow. and how long.

    Many Soft Nickers,

  8. very cute!i have a question about the noses,what size would you use?ideas on where i can get them?thanks so much

  9. Hi ginaj,

    I make my own noses in all sizes out of polymer clay. If you’d like to see my nose tutorial, go all the way to the bottom of this page….it’s a long way..then click on “NEEDLE FELTED TIP OF THE WEEK” . You will then see several titles on the page under TIP OF THE WEEK> Click on NOSE TUTORIAL. It really is very easy. I make a bunch at a time in different sizes. Sometimes I make lighter ones depending on the breed. Hope that helps!

  10. wow how did you do that? i am new at this so hi. I am only 13 but my mom says i got skill with a neddle so if you have any tips please email me at

    • If you look under the comments you can see all of my posts about how to needle felt. I’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

      • thanks so much one of my questions is how did you make were you stabbed so smooth mine is always bumpy

      • I use smooth roving added in thin layers on a wire frame. You just wrap it around the wire and poke, poke, poke until it is smooth. I try to felt all the areas so that they are all evenly worked. Don’t add to much at a time. It is easier to add more layers that are smoothed down in between each layer. Do you know what I mean?

  11. yes i think so but what is a wire frame?
    O and thank you so much for helping me become a better felter

  12. You can make a wire frame to wrap your wool around so that your sculpture is poseable. Also I think that it is easier to sculpt as the frame holds all the wool together. The wire frame is like a stick figure. Here is the post on making the armature.

    ps…Is your name Gina?

    Happy felting!

  13. no Emma sorry i’m not gina. and so thats what that is called and is thier a way you can post pics of what you have felted

  14. but thanks so much for this info

  15. Hi Emma!
    Yes you can see a bunch of my sculptures. Just click on one of my pictures in the right column on this page. Then on the left side click on GOURMET FELTED PHOTOSTREAM and you will see pages and pages of my sculptures!! Have fun! Tell me your favorite:)

  16. wow it is amazing.How do you make felted animals?

    • Hi Cora,
      Welcome to my blog! Thank you for your kind words on my horse! If you look under the comments on any of my posts, you can see my posts that I made about needle felting. There are over a hundred posts, and many help people to learn needle felting. I have a needle felting kit in my shop that helps people learn how to make a needle felted sheep that is poseable! Lots of beginners have used it with great results. You can create a really adorable sheep with the cutest little curly wool! Here is the link!
      Happy felting!

  17. how do you do hair for people animals? second how do you make the dragon wings

  18. Hello,
    Welcome to my blog! I’m not sure what you mean by how do I do hair for people animals? Do you mean to make the hair on humans or fairies? I would use long curly wool or mohair curls for hair. These are also great for horses manes and tails!
    This is a good place to get small packages of mohair that is already combed out so there is no waste!
    Just click on COMBED MOHAIR REBORN on the left side.

    Happy felting!

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