Posted by: gourmetfelted | December 19, 2008


Hey, Gerry! I get my needles from theredbarnfarm too! Top quality! Got a silly little trick to share. . . instead of using that multiple needle thingy with the round wooden cap that uses multiple needles, I make my own out of a wine cork! I cut a piece off the end, carefully stick two or three of the same size needles down through the cork and there you go!! Instant multiple needle thingy!!! Anyhoo, works pretty darned good! Not that I mind the multiple needle thingy a bit, mind you, I just like improvising!!!



  1. I love that her coarse needles are longer than the others. That makes it easy to know which one to grab! This is such a great idea!. It’s good for your hand to use different needles so this would be a different grasp than using one needle! Also, those multineedle tools are very expensive for what they are made of. I will be trying this idea too. Thanks Lori!

  2. Great! That will work!!

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