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This is a lovely piece that really stands out! It is double felted as the purse is made first and felted, and then the wool is feted on to make the “wool painting!” This is such a detailed piece and demonstrates the great possibilities in felting. Also, this is a great piece to help spread awareness of needle felting. I’m sure that whenever someone used this purse in public, that people would stop and ask about it. Maybe we should all make one to help spread needle felting awareness!!LOL!!

CONGRATULATIONS CORINA!!!   YOU’VE WON WOOL OF YOUR CHOICE!!  Just go to my shop and you can see what I have. I also have lots of other wool if you need something special…I may have it.




  1. Congratulations, Corina! Well Deserved!

  2. Hi Lynne, Did you try the alpaca? Can you see why it’s my favorite?

  3. Hi, Gerry…. I haven’t gotten to the top coat yet…..but stay tuned….I’ll probably need your help…. I’m looking forward to using it… It is soooo soft…. I got side tracked & had to try the picture felting…. I’ll send you a picture (no laughing) & maybe you can help me…. I’ve got a pile of wool now….all neutrals…no color….which was a major problem with the background….

    I love your snow on the screen….at first I thought my eyes were going….. Probably the only snow I’ll see….. I guess you’ve been busy with Christmas requests…. The poodle is precious…

  4. What kind of fiber would you use for a yellow lab?
    The color of this alpaca is just right, or should I use a coarser wool?

  5. Congrats! & hi Everyone, I have not been here for a short time. I like to see all the Talent on here. Great choice for the WIN!

    Many Soft Nickers,


  6. To Lynne,
    You could try to use that color. It’s hard to say as they come in different shades. Try it and see. I experiment with that color. Labs are really hard to sell even though they are the most popular breed!!Go figure!

  7. Hi Debra!!
    I have missed your many soft nickers! Have you been felting up a storm? There’s snow here!!Don’t you love it!!

  8. Hi Lynne, Your Giant schnauzer wool painting is gorgeous! You could sell that I’m sure! There’s nothing wrong with it and the background shows off the dog as it is simple! Great work!!

  9. Goodness, Gerry…. I wasn’t expecting that….Thank you…. You really know how to motivate someone….but sell?!!! You should see all the art around here….if you can call it that…
    I need to start doing something with it…. I don’t get to create often, but it does accumulate, especially when you do it in 20 media…
    Creative clutter is better than idle neatness!

  10. A well deserved win, congratulations Corina! A super piece of felted art!

  11. Good Morning Gerry,
    Snow, how Nice and cozy. Everyone has been so busy making such wonderful things here. I have been getling some. Getting some holiday orders out for my other stuff too.

    Not felting as much as I would like.

    Hi Lynne, Gerry is right, I have made a couple labs. The coloring can be different shades, are you doing a perticuiar persons dog? that would help you allot.

    I will come more often again! Its so good to see what everyone has been doing. There is so much talent here. Great contest entries my gosh…….

    Many Soft Nickers,


  12. I meant the snow on my blog!!! LOL!! Right now it is raining even though it is in the 30’s.
    The shading variation is also true with golden retrievers. I have made them very golden and then again cream colored which seems to be the breeding angle these days.

  13. I wish that my avatar would work!! I hate being a black box!

  14. Dee… Your wool painting of the Springer Spaniel …in action….is AMAZING! It is stunning!
    The details are wonderful…The face on the spaniel is perfect…and the scenery is beautiful….& the pheasant…..Amazing!
    How did you do it? Looks like some embroidery… Is there some stumpwork, too? What a lovely art piece!

  15. Congratulations! Corina your purse is really Beautiful and Original.

  16. Gerry….so glad your not just a black box anymore…. I missed seeing the pup…. Avatar…huh? And you wonder why I don’t sell…
    I just learned to do this…..and maybe too much…LOL

  17. Thanks Lynne,
    The piece was wet felted to get the background,then I just started dry felting on top to get the 3-d effect.I did a bit of embroidery for the finer details of the grass and foliage which added a bit of depth to the piece (not sure what stumpwork is!!).Nothing is ever really planned ,i just tend to go with the flow creating these paintings ,if its not looking right i just pull the dry felting gently off the background and start again .They are good fun to make especially if your not too good at painting like me.

  18. Yes..What is stumpwork?? What did you not sell??I fixed precious for you. No problem!

  19. Gerry…I’ve not ever tried to sell anything online….Looks so complicated….I didn’t even know what you were talking about, when you said
    Avatar…All that download…upload….html….
    I’d love to play….but, I’m not sure if I’ve got enough computer skills…. I’ll have to go study the tutorials at eBay….

  20. Stumpwork is raised embroidery…dimensional…
    sometimes it is done with padding, or stitches on top of stitches to raise it up…some techniques are done separately & then added to the base piece… but it gives texture & dimension…. I used to do a lot of needlework…cross stitch… needlepoint…embroidery…smocking… applique…

  21. Dee….Does the wet felt background help to make the background more uniformed? Is the wet felting hard to do? When I attempted to try the painting technique, I had to keep adding to the background after doing the needling image to keep the thickness even….especially on the outside edges…. I probably didn’t needle the background firm enough…. I just started this in October…nothing like the enthusiasm of a newbie…. I’d never even heard of this art….

  22. The wet felting is really a quicker way to get the background felted flatter ,if you only used one needle it would take ages just to get the background done.I’m no expert at wet felting and i’ve had the same problem with getting the thickness right ,I just kept checking and adding to it as well to thicken sparse areas while wet felting.The exciting thing about this method is that you never quite know how it will turn out !Just keep experimenting ,there are no rules with this art .

  23. Thanks, Dee…. I DID do the background with a single needle! I took quite a while…. I’ll have to try the wet felting…. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Goodness Lynne..don’t you have a multi-needle tool? You can get them on Etsy for about $6 for a three needle or $10 for a 6 needle. They save you HOURS of work! When ever I do a larger sculpture I use the multi-needle tool to make the core. Also it is great for anything flat. Or for making something like pumpkins. I love mine. You can change the needles to any thickness or when they break or get dull. I have three of them in different sizes. I don’t know what I’d do without them!!

  25. LOL….Should have known….You should have seen me working on that piece….& I found out you can’t watch TV & do it….
    Is there a certain brand?
    You can adjust it to thickness!!! That would be a plus!

  26. Hey ladies! Thanks for picking my owl tote as the winner – I feel really honored, especially since you all are so good at needle felting!!!
    By the way, for you all who are talking about selling your art, have you tried Etsy has been great for my business, and it is soooo easy to set up, even for a computer-illiterate person like me…

  27. To Lynne,
    The thickness of the NEEDLES are changeable.So you can use a fine or coarse needles. I would just do a search for felting needle or needle felting tool. They are only a piece of wood holding the needles. You could make your own, but I never got around to it! What did you felt it onto?

  28. To Corrina,
    You deserve it. If I ever find a felted time to make my own…I will definitely make a felted dog on it just to have a walking advertisement!!! I love that idea!! That’s true that Etsy is easy. I have two shops there. GFELTED and DREAMFIBER.

  29. Corina, I am so pleased for you that your beautiful Owl tote won! Your talent is amazing, I love your art! Congratulations!

    I loved seeing all the wonderful pieces that were submitted to this contest, I don’t blame Gerry for making others help choose the winner from so many impressive entries!

  30. Corina, congrads on your much deserved win!!! I would love to try something like this sometime. Ahh, so much fiber, so little time. . . Take care everyone!!!

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