Posted by: gourmetfelted | November 30, 2008



I’m so excited that my polar bear family got chosen for a treasury on Etsy!!! It is such an honor as there are thousands of items for sale there. A treasury only lasts for a few days, but it still is a great thrill!

I put hours of extra work sculpting little claws for the bear mom and cub and then glued them all on. It was fun photographing them in the snow.


Those claws took forever!




Footprints in the snow….A mother’s love~



  1. Congratulations! Gerry it must be really fun to be honored and recognize for the work you do, your polor bear family are Really Nice .

  2. Thanks so much Ginette! The neck isn’t long enough, but it was the first polar bear that I ever did. Live and learn!!

  3. Congratulations, Gerry! What a sweet picture…Footprints in the snow…Mother’s Love…

  4. Thanks! And they are giving each other a kiss!!!

  5. Did you get your cairn fur yet?

  6. All of your sculptures are magnificent, Gerry, I’m not surprised that yet another was chosen for an Etsy Treasury!

  7. Thanks for your kind words!!You are too generous!

  8. Just got the cairn fur & it is PERFECT!!!! Thank you so much….. Love the way it feels…It’s so soft….. Is there any tricks to using Alpaca? Do you mix it with a coarser wool or just use it by itself to cover the core wool?

  9. I always felt in as the topcoat. I take a pinch and brush it from the center out, flip it over and do the other side as there is hay in it. Then I cut it a little over half the length that I need and felt it in. Felts like a dream!! You could experiment with it. If you see the poodle on the right column in my flickr photos I just made the poodle a totally different way. Experimenting is great! The alpaca makes a soft coat that you’ll love to pet!

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