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I have been asked by a few people how to add whiskers…so this is how I do it. Maybe you have a better way. If so, please share!!

I use some hair that is synthetic in black or white depending on the need. I used white on this calico cat. I use a needle threader, put it through the eye of a large needle and put a little pinch of hair in it.

I locate a good spot on the face, where I would like the whiskers to come out of. Then I push the needle through there and try to come out on the same spot on the other side.

Next  I pull one end of the bunch through like you were sewing. I try not to bend the hair sharply so it won’t make a bend in the hair.  Stop when the hair is about halfway through. Be sure to check  that your hair clump will be in about the same location on each side of the face. Carefully remove the needle and put a tiny spot of crazy glue or super glue at the base of the whiskers on  each side. When dry, trim the whiskers to the right size. I also added hair brows to this calico. You would do the same thing except have the needle come out close to the entry spot. Pull through, glue and trim. Arrange as needed.

It is much easier to start out with hair that is longer than you need so you don’t pull in though and only have the hair on one side. Learned THAT the hard way!!


This cat was made with alpaca in assorted colors. You can see  the colors and more wool in my Etsy shop.



  1. One more sure that the thickness of the whiskers are thin enough to be in the proper scale of the sculpture. If they are too thick, in real life scale, they may be the size of straws!!!

  2. Hello Gerry Thank you for the great tip on the whiskers, on my cat I used fishing line and I am not very satisfied with the result I must find something else to use do you have any suggestions ???? Thank You

  3. Another GORGEOUS kitty, Gerry! I don’t know how to respond to Ginette’s inquiry, but I like to use thin nylon thread that you can get at Wal-Mart or Joanne’s, etc. It comes in black, clear and white. You can find it easily among the thread selections and it is a lot thinner and more realistic looking than plain fishing line. It works well for me!!!!

  4. Hi Lori, You responded perfectly. Great idea! Thanks for your reply! I also posted your link:)

  5. Hi Ginette,
    There are lots of different thicknesses of fishing line. I got some synthetic hair that I use just for whiskers. Be sure that’s it’s thin enough.

  6. Thank You Lori and Gerry for your great suggestions this will definitly solve my problem


  8. I use the long tail hairs from a horse! I owned a black and white pony for a while and have found the hairs to be very realistic!

  9. I have a friend with horses… so I use real horsetail.

  10. I have used bristols from a real hair hairbrush 😃 Works great!

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