Posted by: gourmetfelted | November 22, 2008




The bunny is 7 inches tall….with no wire structure….

The wool is New Zealand..


  1. Bunny want a carrot!! Great job and the garden adds to the bunny!

  2. Hello Lynne really cute little bunny Nice Work

  3. What a sweet little grin and love the toes!!

  4. Awww, it reminds me of the bunnies in the store at which I work. When I’m cleaning cages and fixing critter breakfasts first thing in the morning the bunnies come running to the side of their bin and put their little paws up just like this wanting special attention and the fresh fruits or veggies I bring them, (not that they go to new homes pre-spoiled or anything!;)) A very sweet sculpture, Lynne.

  5. That must be so much fun working with real animals everyday. Mine are all wool ones!

  6. What an absolutely lovely bunny. So expressive!

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