Posted by: gourmetfelted | November 15, 2008




Here is my entry for the contest ,a wool “painting” of a scruffy deerhound/ lurcher type dog fast asleep in the glow of a fire.It has a 3-D effect due to layers of wool being built up.




  1. Wow, this is amazing! I love your “painting”!!! How big is it? Do you use it as a wall hanging?
    It’s really, really cool!

  2. Hi Corina,
    Thanks for lovely comments.
    It measures 3.5inches wide by 5 inches high.It can be mounted on a piece of card or put in a box frame .It was a bit faster to make than some of my sculptures too.

  3. Dee, Didn’t your description of this on ebay also say you added silk to it for highlights? Did I dream that up?

  4. Yes Gerry,I used silk (the whiter shades) and it looks like the faded tips of an older deerhounds coat especially the soft silky hair around the head.

  5. You sent me two pictures but one file was empty. Do you have another photo of this? I just posted the cutie pugs!!

  6. That’s wonderful…. Do you start on a piece of felt & needle felt on top…or is the base needle felted?
    So peaceful….

  7. Hi Gerry ,
    Yes there were 2 photos, one was in my hand just to give an idea of size so it won’t matter now i’ve said that it’s 5″x 3.5″.
    In reply to Lynnes question I begin by getting quite a large carded piece of fleece and laying it out on my felting pad in the shape of a frame the final piece measure 5X3 so this bit is probably 7 X 5 and then it is just a case of needle felting this fleece until it is quite flat and holding together like a flat piece of felt you can buy,any holes that appear can be filled in with other bits of fleece. You will find as the fleece compacts and gets tighter the size will shrink down (I was aiming at an ACEO card size)You have to keep turning it over as you felt (needle the back too)or it gets anchored to the pad.After much felting like this you can begin the fun part of the painting by needling on a subject,build up layers as you wish.I’ts a very forgiving way to “paint” as you can cover over any mistakes and alter the painting over and over till your happy with it.This dog had eyes at one point but i thought he looked better asleep (my eyes aren’t too good!)

  8. It makes you want to quietly sneak up and give a little peck on that sleeping nose! A truly lovely piece of art that shows the versatility of felting.

  9. Don’t you just want to pet it to feel the fur? Beautiful job!

  10. Wonderful piece of art Really Nice an Original I’m going to try this for sure.

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