Posted by: gourmetfelted | November 15, 2008



How sweet of you to invite me. I have been admiring your work for sometime now and I must say that I am a newbie at needle felting and I still have a lot to learn. My 1st try was a bird and then made 2 dogs which I tries to sell on ebay and no luck. I have just finish a cat and I am sending you some photos of her. Her name is Mylou. She is 12 inches long and her tail is 7 inches long. She quite big. She is done in wool. I have a hard time making my small felties. I went to your blog(really nice by the way) and I enjoyed looking at all your felties. Such amazing work you do and your site is informative. I’ve learn a few tips on long hair. I see you have already some really nice entries in your contest. It’s nice to see other people work. Thank you again for inviting me.

Ginette from Quebec, Canada



  1. wow! 12 inches!! IT would take me weeks to do that!! Is that 12 inches PLUS the tail??

  2. Hello Gerry
    Mylou is 12 inches long from the tip of her little nose to end of her little butt and her tail is 7 inches long, she’s quite big it took me a long time to do her but I love every minute that I spent on her she was so much fun to make. Ginette

  3. WOW!!19 inches total!! How long did it take you? How long have you been felting? Your work doesn’t look like a newbie! How did you learn needle felting?

  4. I started about 2 month ago and my cat is the 4 piece that I made. I have been doing animals for several years now with a technique called Japanese embroidery also called Bunka or Punchneedle but when I discovered needlefelting I fell in love because now I can finally make my animals in 3D .

  5. Amazing! The gradual blending is beautifully done… very realistic…
    What a lovely cat….just purrrfect….

  6. Your cat makes me want to reach out and stroke her; she is truly a lovely felted sculpture, Ginette!

  7. Thank You Ladies for all the Nice comments

  8. This is such as amazing sculpture for your 4th piece!! You’re a natural!

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