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Which is best? Glass? Plastic? Beads? Felted?

I thought that this little doxie’s eyes came out nicely and they are ….plastic!!

Yes there are very nice plastic eyes available. I do usually use black glass eyes for most of my dogs, but some dogs have soft brown or amber colored eyes or even blue!

Before you glue STOP! DON’T USE FAST DRYING GLUE LIKE KRAZY GLUE OR SUPER GLUE! If you use colored eyes the paint reacts instantly with the paint on the eyes and  turns bright shocking un-dog like colors. Know of any dogs with shocking orange eyes? These glues are good for black glass eyes as they don’t react. I use the Krazy Glue that has a brush. It doesn’t dry out that way and you can apply just the amount that you like.

Before you glue, be sure to make a socket for the eye. Felt a little hole to insert the eye into it so the eye isn’t sitting on top of the face. I ALWAYS mark my eyes with straight pins that have a black ball on the end. Be sure that if you draw a line up the middle of the dogs face, that each eye is the same distance from the middle.  Also they should be even if you draw a line across.


Ooops!! Spilled the milk. Poor Buster is in trouble now! He is an American Hairless Terrier.(AHT)

It’s much easier to move the pins around until you get the placement just right BEFORE gluing the good eyes in. Of course, you can needle felt the eyes also. I prefer the glass as they make a realistic shine. I did use black beads for a long time until I could invest in glass eyes. I buy my eyes from JNCSHOP on Etsy. Just click on the dropdown box there and type in JNCSHOP. Tell him Gerry sent you! Thanks!

Any questions?


  1. Wonderful tips, as always! Thanks, Gerry.

    So what type of glue do you use for the colored eyes? Have you found a particular brand that sets the eyes the best without leaving tell tale traces of glue?

  2. Great tip…..If you use glass beads, would you sew or glue…. If sewn do you sew through the head to the base of the skull & knot each eye & cover with wool or from eye to eye?

  3. Well…….you did it again, somthing else I needed. OT but I need to do 2 Mastiff dogs, they have the folds in there faces. Any suggestions? for me. They ar the Large Mastiff breeds, one fawon and one brindle with the black face. And lots of hanging jowls and mouth so folds to their face any tips on this!
    Many Soft Nickers,

  4. oh! FANTASTIC photo by the way of the doxie. It is PERFECT


  5. To cka: I forgot to include that! Good question. I use “OK to wash it” because that is what I happened to have. It dries clear but does take overnight to dry. It works good enough to hold in eyes and you don’t have to worry if your feltie gets wet!!!LOL!!

    • I use Crafters Pick. The Ultimate. It is a white super glue and is very sturdy and dries clear. With in a few minutes it is set enough to go ahead and keep felting. It is water proof also. I won’t use any thing else.


  6. To Lynn, I HATE TO SEW !!! If I can glue it..I NEVER sew it. I even glue clothes! I always glue in beads…be careful that the hole doesn’t show or it’s really weird!!!LOL!

  7. To Debra,
    I make little tubes of wool and felt them on. You can also add a LITTLE darker wool in the wrinkle. DON’T use black. Is you do, the dogs end up looking like the dried salt lakes…found that out the hard way!!LOL!!

  8. Thanks for your comment on the photo. I took it in an African violet. The colors totally match the print on this page!!

  9. Did you guys know that there was such a dog as a AHT?

  10. Thank you

  11. I must admit you got my curiosity up on the AHT. I googled some information on the breed, it’s quite fascinating! See? You stretch us beyond merely felting. This site is one learning experience after another!

  12. By the way, not only are the dachshund and AHT adorable, but Lexie and Millie are charming, (though it looks like Lexie should have been crated when her owners left– naughty girl! 😉

  13. Did you see Lexi’s story on ebay? There are 16 photos of her getting in trouble!HA!

  14. One day someone said that they had chinese cresteds and AHTs. Could I make them? I had never heard of AHT either. I had to look them up too!

  15. He he! She Lexi really is full of mischief, isn’t she?

  16. My dogs were always getting into things. Course in those days only show dogs had crates. You could put your dog in a room for the day when you left, but they got into a lot of stuff in one whole room!

  17. Hello, I am relatively new to felting. I luckily came across your site while searching for info on how to do eyes on felted animals. I LOVE everything you have done -you’re an amazing artist! I was wondering if you had any tips for on where I could buy the eyes? Also, I am making a couple horses for a project, and I was wondering if you had any advice on “framing the body and legs? I can’t seem to find any ifo on what type of materials to use and/or where to purchase that kind of stuff. If you have a minute to give some advice I would be very grateful. Thanks, Patti

  18. Hi Patti, Thank you for your kind words and also for leaving a comment on my blog!

    If you go all the way to the bottom of the page you will see “wire armature” to make the inside frame. It is hard to do horses legs thin enough. The best thing for the base is coarse wool. I do sell wool in my Etsy store. I also have a needle felting contest going on now that you could enter and win free wool!!

    I buy my eyes from jnc shop on ebay.

    You can ask me any questions that you problem.

  19. I’m just started to needlefelt and want to stock up on some glass eyes. What size do you recommend getting? I’m thinking of doing 2″ to 5″ cats and dogs.

    Thanks for the hints on eyes.


  20. Hi Susan, Welcome to my blog! You can vote on my needle felting contest if you wish. It is open to a public vote. Thanks for your comment!
    I use 4 and 5 mm on my dogs that are 2 to4 inches and for cats 4 mm if small. I used 9mm in the 5 inch sitting calico in my post about adding whiskers. I get then from jncshop and if you shop there, could you tell him that Gerry sent you? Thanks!

  21. Hi Gerry, Thanks for all the useful info! I had a question about eyes also. Are eyes on wire or loops better? Thanks!!


  22. The glass eyes come on both wires and loops. I find it easier to insert the ones on wire as I glue them in. I cut the wire so 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch is left on the eye. I guess if you wanted to sew them in instead, the loops would be better. I have never used them though.

  23. Will glues like 527, 2-part Devcon Epoxy, or Gorilla Glue work on these eyes without reacting?

  24. I haven’t used any of those glues on the colored eyes. I do use krazy glue or super glue on the black eyes and they work fine. I use the white fabric glue called “OK to wash it” on the colored eyes. You have to leave it to dry overnight.
    Sometimes you just have to experiment!

  25. Hi if I use size 4mm for needle felting 5 inch dog what size would I need for the nose thank you Joni …. : )

    • The nose size depends on the breed. Look at the size of the model that you are making and measure the size of the eye. Now see how large the nose is compared to the eye. Most noses are larger than the eye. See if it is 2x larger or 1 1/2 x larger or whatever. Then make a nose of that size. Does that make sense??

  26. yes… do they sell a sew on nose If so could you let me know where I can buy them.. thank you very much …. : ) Joni

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