Posted by: gourmetfelted | November 8, 2008



Someone wanted to see the rest of my chow chow, so here she is. She was so adorable…I wished that I had kept her!



  1. Ohhh…how could you let her go….She is adorable… Yes…that was a keeper…
    what is the wool used? (I’m going to learn to tell soon 🙂 ) That’s the long hair cut short method…right?

  2. Yes this is like a puppy cut! It is my FAVORITE….. alpaca! Just like most of my other long hairs. Like my pom on my title page and my sheltie.

  3. Your sculptures are always so perfectly balanced in proportions and your shading in fur color just right. What a beautiful chow chow…

  4. Thanks so much! She was my first one! I had her in my head for a while trying to get out, but I didn;t have the time until recently. It takes a BIG block of time to do a long coated dog. I do work from pictures so I can get the details correct.

  5. Thats so good! Have you ever done a boxer dog before? They are one of my favorite dog breeds and they wouldnt seem that hard to felt if you do a fawn and white one. Or just plain white.I would love to see one if you have made one before!

    • Thank you for your kind words Shannon! I loved this little chow and wanted to keep it! I have never made a boxer before. You can make any dog that inspires you and moves your heart to want to felt it. My first feltie was a pom and it didn’t come out very well, but that was what I really wanted to do. Listen to your heart and be careful of the needle!!! HAPPY FELTING!

  6. what is the difference between the regular sheep’s wool and the alpaca?

    • Hi Shelby,
      Raw Sheep wool is curly, crimpy, and coarse compared to alpaca which is soft and fluffy like hair. There are however many kinds of sheep and many different types of wool. I’m not sure what you mean by “regular” sheeps wool. Can you please clarify??


  7. when i needle felt i use the wool roving.

  8. this looks amazing

    • Thank you so much Deb! Enjoy your day!

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