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I belong to NFEST which is the needle felting group on Etsy and the October theme was things with eyes. My CALICO CAT in the middle was chosen to be in the collage for the month of October!!! Pretty cool!! Congratulations also to Corina who made the felted owl purse. We saw her needle felted ORCA PURSE in my last needle felting contest.


November theme is fire, earth, air, and water. ANY IDEAS??? I’m drawing a total blank! I mean, how does one felt air?? or earth. Tricky, don’t you think!



  1. How about the Phoenix rising from the ashes…..
    You could have it on a base with the flames coming up & the bird w/ wings spread rising out of them…. Boy, am I out there 🙂

  2. Congratulations….That is cool!

  3. That’s an idea! I’m trying to think of water too.

  4. Put a fish in his mouth…..LOL….sorry… I’ll have to ponder…. I forgot about the water…

  5. Did you see the leaves with the little eyes? I would never have thought of that!

  6. O.K….how about….well….this is a stretch for an animal…… make “Smokey the Bear” w/ his shovel, carrying a stringer of fish…. with a bird on his shoulder….(or bees & honey pot or a butterfly flying around…..or flying a kite…)
    That should cover it…..

  7. That’s cool….what about the earth?

  8. The shovel represents earth……for digging… He always has his shovel…..That might be a stretch..
    or you could do something with the base of grass w/flowers….

  9. The 4 elements are important in astrology…& correspond with the following
    Fire…..Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
    Earth…..Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
    Air…..Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
    Water….Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

    You might think along those lines…an animal for each element….

  10. Now, aren’t you sorry you asked?!!!:)
    I’ll stop now…

  11. I think I’ll concentrate on one of them! And NO I’m not sorry that I asked. You are very clever and have a great imagination!! What are you working on now?

  12. Congratulations Gerry and Corina! Your projects are beautiful. There’s just so much talent to be found on Etsy…

    My thoughts for the new contest were a little camping scene. A little campfire by a stream with birds, butterflies, or such hovering about watching. (They could even be given the appearance of flight by mounting them on a very, very thin wire or such.) You could have one or two of your wonderful little animals peeking out or being a part of the scene…a fox near a tree stump or raccoons raiding a picnic basket or a dog curled up outside of a tent (maybe peeking out of the tent at the bear who has appeared?!)

    Hmmm, too detailed? Oh well, that’s what brainstorming is about I guess!

  13. My good friend Carla made the “Leaf Sprite’s”! She is the one who got me started in needle felting : )
    Aren’t they cute?

    I think fire would be fun to felt. You could really get creative with the “flames”!

  14. to cka, Thanks! A little scene could be fun. At this time of year though I’m straight out with holiday orders. I have to do something simple! Thanks for your idea though! It would be cute. Maybe you should do it!!

  15. To Lisa, That’s nice to have a friend be able to help you. I had to figure it all out on my own. I think a fire will be neat but probably half the people will do that as it’s obvious. I have to think of something original and clever. Thanks for your idea!

  16. COngratulations Gerry!

  17. Gerry….The commission piece “Millie” is Outstanding! They will be so pleased…You captured her…. Amazing talent!

    And the Crested is darling…a little drama queen on the couch….

  18. To Maru,
    Thank you so much!

  19. To Lynne,
    I hope that she will like her little Millie! They look so much better in person. Thanks for your kind words!

    The little crested is playing dress-up and took her owners blue scarf and bracelet! She thinks that they look better on her!!LOL!!

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