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You can make a cute lamb like this one with my new needle felting lamb kit. It also comes with a couple of surprizes! This is Nibbles and she is a Jacob sheep which have spots everywhere! She nibbles on everything and pretty soon, she’ll eat her whole pink daisy necklace!!

Yes you can make your own lamb with my special kit. All you have to do is leave a comment on:

Contest will end Sunday evening, so you have a couple of days left to think about it. DON”T BE SHY!

What you say may help start someone to try this wonderful needle art sculpting! Please enter today!!



  1. I’d love to hear from you! Some people who comment and talk to one another and ask me questions NEVER had commented any where before, and they started here. I love helping people with needle felting so you can improve and enjoy “the joy of felting!”

  2. Oh, Gerry! Nibbles is absolutely adorable!

  3. Thanks again! I have the cutest sheep wool in all sorts of colors. Makes cute poodles too!

  4. Gerry…Is the bear with the darling Chihuahua made of a chenille stem? Too Cute….oh, so tiny!

  5. Yes I did make her with pipe cleaners and she has black glass eyes and a pink wool muzzle. Poseable too!! (Not my idea)n I bought one once for $3.95 and remembered and improved on the design!!

  6. She is WONDERFUL!

    Why do I like needle felting?
    I fell in love with needle felting about a week ago… when I first saw some needle felted designs on eBay. I’m 63 and have done ALL sorts of crafts – most recently glitter tattoos, but have also done some ‘out of the box’ crafts like balloon twisting (not just dogs and swords – big designs and event traveled as a guest lecturer on cruise ships teaching twisting and money origami.) Yet, somehow I never ran into needle felting until now.

    I’ve been AMAZED at the work people have posted on this blog… and some are fairly new.

    I have yet to make my first design. I’ve been reading, emailing and acquiring supplies and will be tackling my first project this week. I’ve had wonderful advice and support from Gerry. I look forward to posting photos of my first project!


  7. Hi Serena and WELCOME to my blog! Thank you for your comment. I say…never stop learning!!! So what is your first project goin to be? If you would like me to post your pictures, please email me!
    You can enter it in my contest. It will start next week and last for 2 weeks or so. That gives everyone lots of time to felt something and you can enter more than once. If you want to see the things that I look for in the winning sculpture, see my tip of the week”getting started” and you will see what’s necessary to win! Of course, everyone really is a winner here because they are trying something new and succeeding!! HAPPY FELTING!!

    You can see more than 100 of my sculptures in my Etsy store.
    I make other things besides dogs. I even made a baby swan!

  9. Thanks… I look forward to learning to felt. I think my first project will be a rabbit. It looks challenging but not impossible. And I would love to be able to make my brother a couple of rabbits for Christmas that look like his two new house-bunnies. (I have photos of them, so I should be able to duplicate them.)

  10. Hi, Serena…so glad you joined us…. Can’t wait to see how you like it & what you’ve created…
    I love origami….I even have some money shirts in my wallet….That’s the only way I won’t spend every penny 🙂

  11. Thanks Lynne. My favorite money origami is the ‘bunny bill’ (a rabbit in a hat) and the $2 pantsuit.
    I make a lot of rings n March (St. Patricks Day). for the REAL wearing of the green. 😉

    I’ve been playing tonight and have actually put together a rather primitive rabbit. Nothing like the examples on this blog, but not bad for a beginner.

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