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Hi, Gerry…
Just completed the Bichon Frise, dog #2…. Please critique…
I am here to learn…
She is smaller than the maltese…about 3 inches….so I couldn’t put the glass eyes in… I almost trimmed her bald… I don’t know how you get all those little hairs not to look fuzzy….and since I felted the eyes & nose… it was really hard to get rid of a stray black hair or two…. I see there are still a few…but I learned not to pull until you know where they are attached…:)
You are right about the grooming…. Take your time, it makes a lot of difference…. I really had a halo around her head & couldn’t see it until I took a picture… Still haven’t gotten in all groomed…. Do you use hair spray? LOL
I learned a lot on this one, too….


  1. This is a GREAT job Lynne!! Lots of detail. Is there any reason why you did this one smaller? I use the same eyes in my 2 to 4 inch dogs. You can make them appear smaller or larger by putting wool around them. Very cute face. It helps to trim the stray hairs off while in the sunshine. The bright sun lights up all the hairs. I also have magnifying eye glasses that I use when I trim the stray hairs. I don’t use hair spray as I am allergic and I wouldn’t want anything on my sculptures that make someone have an allergy attack! It’s true that you do learn with every different breed that you make. I’ll still learning too! Gerry

  2. Is this romney wool?

  3. I don’t know why she came out smaller… I thought that the wire structure was about the same…. How much smaller do you make the frame than the actual dog? The wool is either romney or NZ…. I’ve got to get more organized…They seem to sneak out of their bags…
    The top wool on the body was done with several spins and a poke…I was trying to make it look nubby… It took forever… probably could have just put top coat on instead….
    The head was done like the long hair & cut short…like you explained…

  4. Good to know about the eyes… All I have are the 4mm… I was going to add a glass bead in the center, but didn’t know how to embed it, after finishing the top wool….. I usually keep fussing with a project until I make a major mistake….:)

  5. To embed an eye you have to make a hole for a socket and then just glue it in! If you want to put one in where you have felted an eye, you probably have to remove the felted eye first unless it’s not very firm. You may need pliers to get it out!

    I make the wire frame so it is like a little stick figure inside of the dog. The wire is in the middle of the dogs body, head, neck, legs, and tail. I find a picture to go by and then make it the size that I want and hold up the wire in front of the picture so it is in the middle of the dog.

    After a while, you’ll be able to tell wool apart just from feeling it!! This is a great dog…you should be proud and I bet that you could sell it as it is:)

  6. That sounds like another tutorial to me! Your eBay pictures are so darling…. I don’t know how you get your dogs to do all those poses…and get them back in shape for another shot… You must have to spend hours on your presentation.
    I’ve never done it…though I’d really like to try it someday….

  7. Thanks so much for your kind words!!
    I use a template so this is what is involved:

    I spend about 20 to 30 minutes taking about 50 to 80 shots depending on the dog. Sometimes I take some outside and more inside. I experiment with lighting, and shine lights on my dogs if they’re dark. Also I keep a felting needle with me as I may have to regroom between takes! LOL!!

    Then I choose the best pictures, 12 usually, crop and resize them. Then I upload them to photobucket , which really wastes a lot of time…about another 30 minutes. Then I figure out a story as I am inspired to, by the photos and make my listing. Then a few checks on to make sure that it looks OK and then click to list it. The whole process takes a couple of hours. If I can take the photos early and get them on photobucket, then finish later, it seems much shorter. WHEW!!

  8. so now you understand why I rarely list 2 dogs at the same time!

  9. Goodness….How did you ever learn to do all that!
    Sounds very complex….
    Your story line are so cute… and how many times have I seen my dogs cross their front legs…I had to laugh out loud….

  10. The people that sell templates are very helpful and give great support. You learn it by trail and error. You pretty much fill in the blanks, but one period or space can’t be missing or it doesn’t work. I finally know how to do it pretty much, but it took hours to learn how. Usually I would give up trying. It’s much quicker to upload pictures to ebay directly.

    Ebay started with the new format with the pictures on the top and the text below. My stories would be in a long column with no pictures near them. It looked really bad, so I forced my self to learn it. Now even with the new format my text stays with each picture as intended. I put a lot of work into making my stories and I didn’t want my auctions to look bad after all that.

  11. Great work, Lynne. I think your Bichon looks wonderful! Ask any Bichon and they will tell you “Of course we have halos, why should you be surprised at that? It’s a breed trait! After all we’re ‘little angels’ with a mischievous side! ” 😉

    Gerry, I just love reading and re-reading your tips. You have so much worth sharing, thank you!

  12. LOL….You’re so right…Bichons are Little Angels….with a broken halo…..:)

  13. Gerry, I’m going to take a look at it & see if I can figure it out…

    On the Bichon…when I try it again… Should I do the body like the long hair & cut it short….or just do something similar as I did before? Would a different type of wool be best?

  14. There really isn’t an easy way to do a long coated dog. You have to do what works best for you. When I say how to do something, it’s only what works for me and I hope it will help others to find easier ways to do their projects so that they can enjoy felting more. I would do a bichon with my core wool not combed out. There is a waviness to bichon fur so you wouldn’t want to use something silky. I would insert it like the long fur tutorial and then trim it short. You can precut the wool that you are felting so you don’t waste so much when you trim it off when grooming. I think that you NAILED it with the Bichon fur and you should do it the same way….but, if you want to experiment and try another way then you will learn then too!

  15. TO cka, Thanks you for telling me that you do read my posts!! There are a lot of people who do.. I THINK, as I do get a lot of hits, but people RARELY bother to say THANK YOU except for you guys who have been around for a while…..YOU know who you are!!THANKS for commenting. It makes me feel like I truly am writing these posts for a reason:)

  16. What is this about broken halos? What are Bichons really like? I never knew one personally or anyone with one.

  17. The one I know is full of energy, mischief, & fun….& can do no wrong…She is a princess…& is treated as such….

    I’ve got a question….Your chow on the other page is wonderful… They seem to always have their mouths open like that…Do you felt the top muzzle and the under jaw separately & then felt them on after they are contoured & hollowed out, then add the tongue or is it assembled all together then added on the head? Loved the way you did it…

  18. Thank you so much for your kind words on my chow. I wished that I had kept her!!
    I make a very firmly felted muzzle like a regular dog and after I felted it on, I slice it open!!YIKES! I use an exacto blade and saw it so that most is on the top. Then I add lips and shading and a tongue! It is a scary thing to do….and if you mess it up, you can always start over with a new muzzle!!!Course if you’re really ambitious and want to spend even more time on a sculpture, you can make individual TEETH like I did on my afghan sculpture. It’s not worth the time involved to do it though. They don’t sell for anything more with teeth!

  19. That one would be hard to let go…. The eyes are really nice, too… Looks like you embedded them…They look so natural…
    The muzzle is on the dog head before cutting it with the exacto…then shaped…Is that right?
    It looked like it even had a black roof of the mouth…Would love to see the whole dog…Outstanding!

  20. go to! cutest website EVER! cute pics of my pup dressed up as a star! I can guarantee you’ll love it! If you love dogs dressed up as movie stars and bichon frise’s! go to!

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