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This is why I took up needle felting…. to make dogs….and this is my first…. just completed…..
I was looking at dog art on eBay & one of Gerry’s little yorkies popped up…. I did a double take, it looked so real…. and then to find out it was made with a needle & wool……& so small…..
Well….I had to learn more… I bought a book, but had no wool, so went back to see if Gerry sold wool….She did….& bought some and she invited me to her weblog and to enter the fantasy pumpkin contest…..I never opened the book again….all the information needed is right here & Gerry answers any questions that might arise…
Thanks, Gerry!


  1. This is such a terrific job!! I wouldn’t change anything on it!
    I am honored that you started needle felting because of one of my dogs! I hope to be an inspiration to others so more people can enjoy this unique form of art!!
    What kid of wool did you use? It looks so nice and flowing!! Did you make the nose and bows?

  2. Thanks, Gerry… I needle felted the nose (I will bake some noses soon…Thanks for that tutorial!) and I made the little satin bows….that was tough…since the dog is about 4 inches…. I noticed in the picture that I need to felt the tie ups down a little & in some…hmmm….& groom the back of the head down…and…..
    I had no fear about making the dog in the core wool….but I just didn’t know how to go about putting on the long coat…but your fur lesson gave me a starting place….from there you don’t want to know…definitely the long road… I do think going from nose to rump, like you said, would be much better…
    The wool is …. I don’t know…but it tangles…Would the alpaca be better to use or some silk fibers?
    My advice…..Just Do It! You’ll have plenty of questions to ask Gerry afterwards 🙂
    Thanks, Gerry, for inspiring….and giving the information so that we can achieve….

  3. Oh, Lynne! Your little dog came out so beautifully! Now I know you must be very proud of this little pup. It has a perfect expression and even the outlines on the lips are just right. Congratulations! Such teeny tiny bows those must be!

  4. Thank you…. I was afraid to try it… Now…I’m waiting to see yours…. Come on you’ve got to finish it…
    I’ve learned what a maltese looks like without all that hair…ear shape…. & I’ve learned so much, just by trying…such as…. Why did I spend hours on muscles tone, bend of stifle, layback of shoulder… It’s not like a judge was going to go over her..& you needle the fur & cover it up… And you’ll have questions….Do you add coat to the legs, like feathering, so if someone looks underneath it won’t be just 4 bare legs? How would you do a puppy cut, like Gerry’s pup? I’ll stop for now…In hopes for answers 🙂 ….
    I’d like to see some more dogs…I’m going to try a short hair….Haven’t decided on the breed, yet…

  5. I’ve seen people sell long coated dogs with naked legs…I always put fur on the legs. They seem unfinished otherwise. Also I try for a realistic look and you wouldn’t see a real dog like that! To do a puppy cut, you have to add tiny clumps of fur all over the dog and then “comb” it with the needle and groom, trim, and style it. I can spent 30 minutes just grooming my dog after inserting all the coat in!

  6. Also you can make the basic shape without a lot of detail when you make a core for a long coat. After all, you are going to cover it all up. Doing a long coated dog is like doing the whole dog twice! And it does take twice as long or longer!!

  7. It is good practice on dog anatomy to make short haired breeds. You have to pay attention more to the muscles and such. Course, some people don’t want to get into all that detail so they cover it all up with fur!!

  8. beautiful job ^_^

  9. I love the detail in your dogs…. That’s what makes them so “special”…Is the little white pup in you icon made with alpaca? That’s done with the little tufts of fur….right? Do you go around each leg…up the body…then the head?
    That one must have taken a L O N G time to make… It is Precious….and has little pads, too..

  10. Thank you so much!
    No, my icon dog is Bailey the maltese. He is made with wool and silk blended together. I always start with the back and then do the legs and then the head. I used to start with the head, but with long coated dogs, it’s hard to tell how big to make the head until you have the fur on. I made too many dogs that their heads were too small if I did the head first and then did the body. Live and learn! AND YES you do insert the tiny tufts of fur ALL over the body 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch and YES it doe take a L O N G time!! But the results are worth it!

  11. I really love your icon dog, Bailey the maltese. Like all your other needle felted dogs, it is so lovely and cute – I would love to needle felt one. Would you consider selling the kit for making it (including the blended wool and silk, glass eyes and with or without the nose)? I think a lot of people would be interested in buying it. If you would not consider selling the kit, would you mind telling me how I can blend the wool and silk together for needle felting – do I just use the hand carders? I’ve tried the hand carders but the blended wool is all messed up into a lump and end up not being suitable for making long coat. What kind of wool and silk should I get? Sorry for asking so many questions all at once ~~

  12. Thanks so much for your kind words on my maltese! I don’t have any dog kits set up right now, but I am working on a cute sheep kit! I will have to post some info on blending wool, but for now, to blend it you have to catch the end of the wool on one side of the carder letting it hang down off the edge and put a thin layer of silk on top of it and gently comb it in one direction. Comb it along the fibers to keep them in one direction There are some great videos on “you tube” showing how this is done. Look up carding wool or blending wool with hand carders. It is helpful to actually see it being done. That way the wool doesn’t get in a bunch. Even if it did, you should still be able to pull out pinches of wool to felt in a little at a time. Did you try pulling some out?

  13. Thanks very much for your advice. I did find some videos on wool carding on “you tube” and noticed that I did not do it correctly when I transferred wool from one carder to the other. You are right, it is so helpful to actually see it being done. The other thing is that maybe my hand carders are just too small. Thanks again and I’ll visit often to look at your tips – I find them of immense help!

  14. To JB-Thank you for your comment!
    It is in the technique…not the size. You can blend wool wonderfully with small carders. Mine are only 1 1/2 inches by 4 inches they work fine. It takes practice to get the hang of it. Keep trying and you will get better:)

  15. I LOVE the maltese. I have health issues and just learning needle felting. I am in Denver and I think you might be also. If you don’t mind sharing where you found your wool and what type. I am ordering online today and can’t wait to get started. Any tips would be great..THANK YOU

    • Hi Nancy,
      Welcome to my blog! Maltese are fun to felt! I use wool and silk for maltese. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have! If you look at my list of posts there are lots for beginners! Happy felting!

  16. Jerry
    I’m making a needle felted Maltese. How do you get the wool shinny and silky. Mine very frizzy. Using alpaca wool.

    • Hi Carol,
      Alpaca has a tiny crimp to it and is good for breeds that have that kind of fur like poms or shelties. Use silky fiber for a silky look.
      Happy felting!

  17. Hi, do you have a tutorial for making a Maltese? I have looked and looked on the web for books or tutorial there’s information out there but I would like step by step instructions. I need it from the basic core shape can anyone please tell me where to go? Thanks

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