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Did this little dog evoke a reaction in you? That is one of the reasons why I love needle felting! You can make something that can touch peoples hearts and it started as a pile of fluff…so it is like a miracle to create it!





  1. Don’t be shy! What do YOU think about needle felting? How did you get started? What is your favorite item that you’ve made? You can send me a photo to go with your comment if you like.
    I’d love to hear from you!

  2. He, he! You’re so clever, Gerry! I’m glad to see Bettina made a full recovery!

  3. Thanks! Why do you like needle felting?

  4. Well…….there are many reasons, most of all oout of my Love for dogs and horses, I have sculpted in clay, BUT it can not compare to taking raw wool and creating a little happy surprise. Not knowing if your hand will transform the roving into, that “darned” little love you want EXACTLY right! sitting, and doing it, there is NO cheating, you must continue using your mind, eyes and heart. Then, after all that poking, and you start to see it come into shape and alive, there is Nothing like it. You tell yourself, “You are getting IT!” It is a Win in a personal challenge and desire. To make a cherrised pet that someone will look at and get joy from. It is the BEST, and the finished results are amazing. You walk away from the table, or set it out, and look back at it, and at times, I can’t beleive I made that! Its Fun and I have never made such cute and meaninful items, that mean allot ot those who see them and buy them. It is PURE JOY! from my hands. Its again, really amazing. As I call these types of things, Its “All the is good and Kind inthe World”
    Many Soft Nickers,

    I start out determined, “maybe” I will get a bit tired, get up to get some tea, then get right back at it. Its also somehthing, for some reason inside, I don’t quit. I NEED to finish, that in itself is very Inspiring and motivating

  5. awwwww. our dog just had surgery! this is so cute!

  6. Thanks for your comments! Terrific!!

  7. Beautifully said, Debra!

  8. The writing on that cast must be microscopic!
    That’s amazing! Do you felt the cast in the round?
    I’m so glad precious Bettina is well & prancing again….

  9. I like needle felting because it is relaxing and fun. It is also a good way to make a living and that is what I do now…felt full time. There is no other art where you can touch such an amazing variety of wool and luscious fiber. I adore making mice and dolls. They are my favs to create.

    Bettina is darling!

    Happy needle felting and enjoy your day…..


  10. Thanks so ,much Barby! Your mice and dolls are adorable and amusing! I agree!! It is wonderful playing with all those fibers!

  11. oh gerry that dog is too cute, it make me smile!
    Well, i like needle felting because i found the way to let my creativity flow! I always was creative but now i really can expand my creativity in the way i really want and love. I am so happy for discover this beautiful world of needles and wool! Sometimes i have wool even on my head! LOL but i really love this.
    Also i am happy because needle felting let me know some many lovely and friendly people like you!
    thank you

  12. i fell in love with needle felted creations when I saw some in flickr. I then looked it up in google and found an albert einstien creation. The fluffy yet solid and continuous look appeals to me and I hope to finally pick up this craft in the future.

    We don’t have any shops here in Philippines that sell needle felting materials (needles, roving) so until now, I’m just a keen fan of the craft. ^^

    everything in this site is lovely!

  13. To Jaccua, I don’t have any shop around me either. I buy almost everything through the internet and now I sell needle felting supplies myself! Thank you for your knid words about my shop! ANYONE can needle felt. You should try it sometime. It is very satisfying to create a work of art out of a pile of fluffy wool!!

  14. To Maru,
    I have it on my head and I think that I eat it sometimes!!. If you use the silk in the wool fiber mix, it flies around everywhere and it is in your hair, eyelashes, on the clothes. I don’t take my clothes off in the bedroom as it carries in too much fiber!!LOL!! I use a lot of lint rollers too to get it off! There is wool fiber dust everywhere. Did you notice how quickly things get dusty when you started needle felting? I guess that is the one bad thing about it! Plus you spend too much money on wool!!LOL!! is that bad???only to our hubbys!!!HA!

  15. hahaha!!!! ^__^ i eat it too haha
    yes you right!! so so dusty! my boyfriend, he is so angry! sometimes the wool is in the food!! because i work in the dinner table OMG!! i am not dirty! the wool is uncontrollable!! LOL


  16. Needle felting Cardinal Rule Number ONE. To avoid WAR…..NEVER FELT IN THE KITCHEN!!!

  17. To lynne, Yes I did felt the cast in the round. Forgot to answer that! So what are you working on now?

  18. I’ve got the core of a bichon finished….but I want to do it clipped down…. not in a show cut…. Should I do it in wool…with it raised up…higher on the head?
    It remind me of a sheep…. Any suggestions?

  19. Do you want the fur to be wavy ? Do you have any wool like that?

  20. If you have little curly wool you could tack down the curls here and there without flattening them. You want it to look like a sheep?

  21. Wouldn’t the curls have to be real small? Maybe more curly on the head….I was hoping I could do it more with the wool… Would it be fuzzy…. or
    Oh, no….it’s not the tufts….I don’t know if I’m ready for that! How would you suggest doing a bichon? You probably did it in the tufts, right?!
    Maybe I should wait a little longer on this one…:)

  22. I have tiny curls that I would lay on the surface and felt in here and there. Did you see my cat and mouse? That is done with the tiny curls. Is that how you wanted it to look? You did say clipped down. You would have a little higher curls on top of the head. I have done the tuft method for bichons before. It’s not really that bad. You can do a whole side of a leg at a time. Just lay the wool on the whole leg thinly and felt a seam down the leg, and then cut the wool. Then do the other side and see if you have to do another row. It depends on how thick you did it to see if you have to add more on the leg. Then you do the same thing on the body in rows. It is just like doing a long coat except you trim the wool off closer to the body. You did that already you should be able to do the same thing except shorter..right?

  23. TIP!! Don’t put the rows to close together or you have to rip some out. I had to do that a few times when I first tried it. It was a severe case of the woolie bullies!!! POOF!!LOL!!

  24. Do you have a tutorial here on this, I saw the long haried dog with the first long “hair” layed down but not the second layer. and so on. I would be interested in seeing this, I also missed the tuft, lesson, is that on here in a past post!?

  25. Hi Debra, The first step is just repeated all over the dog so I didn’t make pictures of that as they would have all looked the same. After you put the first layer you just lift it up and about 1/4 inch from it put another layer and so on and so on. Put a layer along the leg on two sides and fluff up the hair to see if it’s covered enough. Add another layer if it needs more hair on the leg. The tufts is the same thing except shorter fur is felted in, in smaller areas. It could still be done the long fur way, but you trim the fur shorter to make a puppy cut dog. Do you understand what I mean?

  26. sorry if I am a bother. I hope others if they neeed this advice can be helped also, otherwise I would email you directly.

    So the first layer in your photo is long and goes to both sides. From then on, a person is to use, shorter lengths and needle felt one side onto the next place, or am I suppose to get another long piece and needle felt in the middle again, and allow it to fold over.

    This is where my new question has come from, since I read here, that someone was needle felting the end of a “shorter” piece and having it lay down, not a long piece needle felted in the middle and then when folded it lays down.

    So I got the part about starting on the top line, of the back of the dog. WIht the long piece, combed and needle felted in the middle, then it lays on both side to star the coat. Then Its here I dont know what the next step is, either to use long pieces and fold them, then cut, or to needle felt short pieces at one end.

    whew! there you have it.

  27. NO BOTHER! I’m here to try to help! It is YOUR CHOICE which way you felt the fur in. Everyone has different preferences and there is no right or wrong way! It’s how it looks at the end that matters. I myself, keep laying the long fur along the first row and felt it in the middle. I do this for long coated dogs or short costed. The difference is that I just trim the fur shorter. For the last row I do lift it up and felt in just the end. You could do that all over but the felted in end holes may show. That’s why I fold it in the middle. The seam is less likely to show as the fur fluffs up on both side of it.

    Someone was speaking of using little pinches of fur and felting in the ends all over the dog. You could apply the fur like that, but it would take long. At least with the fold in the middle method, you are doing two sections at once as you have fur on each side of the middle.

    Do you know what I mean?

  28. yes, thank you, I want to try this. I will felt in the long pieces (poking in the middle), starting with the top line of the body, and continue this way down both sides, (folding over the piece felted on the sides) I am sure I will know how to manuver and make it work as I go down. Since I have done several dogs. But taking the long fur poking in the middle, after is it combed out, then trimming to the desired dog breed. And doing this all throughout the body, I am writing this out to share that I am paying attention and want to do this right!

    Thank you again, you are so sweet.

  29. I trim the clumps of hair close to the the final length lots of times…but not always. It depends on the mood that I’m in!!LOL!! I hope that you send me a photo so we can all see it! It will be your first long hair!!Yippee! And YES it is scary! I know how it was the first time I made a yorkie. I had a time figuring out the head, But you have to experiment to see what works for you. The end result is what counts. Just be sure that the fur is felted in firmly so you can’t pull it out easily. We don’t want our felties to shed, right?

    Your welcome! That’s why I’m here!

  30. you sure know what I am feeling inside! ok…….I will try it now. Didn’t even think about the head! ok…….breathe…….I would like to try a Golden Retriever, but we will see. I will be Brave, it sure will help knowing you have given me this support.
    Thanks again,

  31. Debra… I felt the same way…. I was afraid that I’d really mess up the core structure after spending so much time on it…. and I REALLY thought I’d messed up after I got into it because it seemed to grow…It looked like my dog had on a hula skirt! Just keep going…. It’s amazing how it starts to come together…. I’ve only made the maltese… & I would do it differently next time…now that I all this information….Thanks, Gerry…. Can’t wait to see how your Golden turns out….Good Luck!

  32. Remember when you are felting the wool in the dogs don’t have much fur on their tummies and inside of the back legs! DO NOT BRUSH OR COMB after felting it in or you could comb it right out again! Use a large sewing needle or broken felting needle to gently “comb” the fur into position, If you have too much fur, just pull some out. Take your time grooming, That is very important! I can spend 30 minutes just grooming a little 3 inch dog. It sounds silly, but you put all those hours into it and the grooming is really the final touch! The parts that you did first will get messed up by the time that you finish the rest! Do a little at a time and if you cut off too much…..don’t cry, just yank it out and felt in another piece! The wool is very forgiving and changable. You can do it!!

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