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The most important thing about taking pictures is what’s BEHIND the object and the lighting. Also it’s good to have a contrasting color behind it. If you have a dark subject, then a black background would make it hard to see. A lighter background would make it pop. Also a simple background is good so the background doesn’t take away form the subject. Your background is great! It’s perfect to have a dark subject in pure sunshine to show off the details.

Something that’s white gets washed out though from being overly bright. If you try taking photos in the shade on a sunny day, then the details on your white horse will show up more. If you are taking photos inside of a white subject, it’s good to do the tissue trick. The flash washes out the details of something white, so you put a tissue over the flash. Then when the camera flashes, part of the light is diminished so the details show up. Experiment with different lighting and flashes and colors behind your subject. I usually take about 50 to 80 pictures of each dog and save the best 12. If you do that, you’re bound to have a few good ones.



  1. So many pictures to try! Aren’t we glad for digital cameras? Can you imagine the cost if we had to use film?!

    Love the flash tips. I know for the cairn rescue group I got my dogs through, they encourage fosters to use a blue background for taking pictures of dark dogs, I wonder if it works as well for felties?

  2. Good Morning,
    Great picture and GREAT little white dog. What is his/her fur? SUPER adorable.

    Many Soft Nickers,

  3. Hi Debra,
    Thanks so much! This is Bailey and his fur is made of wool and silk!

  4. thank goodness for digital for sure! Plus you get instant satisfaction by seeing your photos right away. You can retake any that are bad and crop them. I crop a lot to eliminate any distracting background details! I would think that a lighter blue would work with a dark dog, but a royal blue is too dark I’ve tried that and it almost disappears!

  5. I can realte to having to take 80 pictures, I thought I was the only one that took numerous photos to get the right one. I hate the picture taking part. I like the tissue trick. Did not know about that one. Once again, you are a BIG help.
    a BIG Thank You

  6. Your welcome! I love taking pictures of my sculptures. Pose them and out them in different locations and it is fun seeing what you can come up with! My hubby used to take my photos for me as I was really bad at it…but you know what they say…practice makes perfect!! Of course, I am far from perfect in the photo department, but I’m happy with them!

  7. ok…….I have an Important question. It also has some to do with photographing the finished pets. I have made most of my dogs with glass eyes, I have made a couple with needle felting the eyes, the cat sold, the dogs did not. I made a CUTE little tri color corgi. with needle felted eyes in person it looked really good, BUT in the photo, not so good. It did not sell, I went in and changed the eyes to glass eyes, so I will see. It is Interesting trying new things to see what people will go for. I would like to work with needle felting eyes also, so again, picture taking is key. When I saw the photo you could not see the diffent colors I used in the eyes, so they ened up looking like BIG brown blobs. Good thing we can make changes to the animals we make. I wanted to post his so people can reach out and try new things, BUT keep, again photo taking in mind. One cat I made SOLD with needle felting eyes, BUT not my corgi.


    Your thoughts?…….

  8. You never know what people will buy! You can have something listed on ebay for a week and no one buys it and the following week have several people fighting over it and it goes for a bunch! I think the real thing is……TIMING!!

  9. what a beautiful picture Gerry! thanks for the tip!! you are the best!

  10. Thank you for the tips. I was googling all over looking for tips on photographing needle sculpted animals.

    • Hi Kat,
      When I do a photo shoot for a sculpture I usually take 50 to 80 shots and choose the best 5 for my Etsy shop. I like to take indoor and outdoor shots in different poses. The more that you do it, the better you will get! Be sure to pay attention to what is BEHIND your sculpture as that can enhance or detract form the shot. I like a simple background but it is fun to use flowers sometimes.
      Hope that helps!

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