Posted by: gourmetfelted | October 25, 2008


I missed the deadline for the contest….but I’m just in time for the Breeders’ Cup!
Congratulations on your win, Maru!


  1. This is such a great job! I love the garland of roses around the neck. Beautiful work.

  2. Thanks, Gerry… I need a tutorial on how to take pictures….After so many really bad pictures inside, I decided to take some outside…The wind keep blowing him over…but managed to get a few…
    I had a more refined head on him, but I felted it too firm, so I did what you said in one of your lessons….Off with his head! I thought that I’d really messed up….but it worked out fine…
    This is made of core wool…I will use the better wool next time….Thanks!

  3. I LOVE this one!! Have to learn how to do it and make it a spotted appaloosa (I have the real thing)…way cool!!!

  4. You can easily add a thin layer of wool on this horse if you want to change the color. Or you can add appaloosa spots or pinto spots.

    The most important thing about taking pictures is what’s BEHIND the object. Also it’s good to have a contrasting color behind it. If you have a dark subject, then a black background would make it hard to see. A lighter background would make it pop. Also a simple background is good so the background doesn’t take away form the subject. Your background is great! It’s perfect to have a dark subject in pure sunshine to show off the details. Something that’s white gets washed out though from being overly bright. If you try taking photos in the shade on a sunny day, then the details on your white horse will show up more. If you are taking photos inside of a white subject, it’s good to do the tissue trick. The flash washes out the details of something white, so you put a tissue over the flash. Then when the camera flashes, part of the light is diminished so the details show up. Experiment with different lighting and flashes and colors behind your subject. I usually take about 50 to 80 pictures of each dog and save the best 12. If you do that, you’re bound to have a few good ones.

  5. Wow that’s brave of you to cut the head off!! I’m glad that you could fix it. It looks great now! Nice mane and tail too.

  6. Lynne this is stunning! It’s hard to believe you count yourself among the newbies! You are very talented. I just want to slip this beauty a carrot or apple, (I know better than to start the sugar cube thing!)

  7. Thanks so much….The pumpkin was the first…I only made a couple of other things…. I am sitting here with an unfinished dog…. I can sculpt with the core, but I can NOT put fur on…. I’m going to have to go back & look at the fur tutorial….or just try a short haired dog 🙂
    Your dragon is wonderful… Can’t wait to see more creations from you….
    Your comments & encouragement are always appreciated!

  8. Thank you, too! I am also working on a dog, but I find I get fearful I will mess it up and keep putting it down again. I struggle with stuff like that…I adore felting, though. It makes me feel there may be a creativity I never believed is truly inside me that just may work it’s way out through the wool. You, however, have no need to doubt your creativity, your work is fantastic! I’m sure you will master dog hair soon!

    A funny aside, my kids are accusing me of leaving my cairns in a long coat to “grow” extra doggie wool for felting! They claim I plan to “harvest” it in the spring!

  9. That’s so funny! I have Australian Shepherds…
    My husband jokingly asked if I had been grooming the dogs & was using the undercoat….
    I just smiled…..:) I haven’t tried it YET…

    I can’t wait to see the dog you’re working on…

  10. Aren’t Australian Shepherds great at catching frisbees?

  11. Oh, yes…. Amazingly agile & beautiful…They are so smart…. with Lots of energy! They are herding dogs, but can do anything…. so willing to pleased. They are double coated & do shed….but you’ve made that a plus 🙂 …that is if I can learn to do this long fur technique….
    I’m attempting a maltese right now….I’m sure I’m going to have QUESTIONS shortly….Thank you for all your help!

  12. Maltese are one of the easier dogs for long hair. They have a part down the middle from the nose to the tail. Just fill in the sides and do the head and ears. I’m sure that you can do it:)

  13. Wish I had asked you about that before I started
    the maltese…. It would have been a lot easier your way…. I’m almost finished…. I’m learning a lot on this one…. Lists of things to do & not to do:)
    With the glass eyes on wires…what do you do? Do you just cut the wire short or bend back some or just glue?

  14. I cut the wire so about 1/4 inch is attached and make a hole with the coarse needle to insert it into. I use instant glue if they are black. Otherwise I use long drying glue because if you have amber or brown painted eyes, they will change into terrible colors from the chemical reaction with the instant glue. I had amber colored eyes that turned bright glowing orange!!!They were really spooky!!

  15. oh! this is soo cute Lynne! thank you so much for your feedback : )

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