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I’ve noticed that I get hundreds of hits at my blog daily and just a few who comment. Thanks to those who do! You know who you are! Lets hear what you have to say about your passion.

~Needle Felting~

Why do you do it?

How did you get started?

What was your favorite creation? You can include a picture if you like! This contest is open to EVERYONE so please leave a comment:)

It will encourage others and it is fun to read what people think about needle felting.


Just go down to the bottom of this post..

1) CLICK ON COMMENTS.  There will be a number in front of it.

2) Go to the end of the list and leave your comment in the box where it says YOUR RESPONSE.

3) Leave a name. It can be just your first name or a made up name. Leave email address. This will not show or be used or distributed to anyone.

4) Type in your comment in the response box

5) Then click on SUBMIT COMMENT.That’s all there is to it!

***You can leave your comment on any post as I read all of the new ones every day!!


It can even be a poem if you like! Your comment can be long or short. Hope to hear from you! We have lots of fun with contests!

THANKS SO MUCH to all the people who participated in the last contest. There were so many wonderful needle felted sculptures…I wish that I could give you all a prize!!! But the real prize is that you created something and you shared it with others. It is so heart warming to see all of your precious creations and some from people who are just starting. You should all be very proud!! ALL OF YOU ARE REALLY WINNERS!!




  1. I like needle felting because you can create such lovely things that have a piece of your heart in them. Needle felting is like a miracle, as you make something beautiful from a pile of fluff AND WITH A NEEDLE NO LESS!!LOL!!. People don’t believe it sometimes until you show them how it’s done. Watch out though…if you try it you may be hooked as it is such a totally cool thing to do. My byline is: Made for you from the heart! HAPPY FELTING!!

  2. Interesting craft, I am going to give it a try…LOVE the chinese crested dog – I breed them! AND the spotted rabbit..l have those too….and the HEDGEHOG…we have bred them for years and it was so well done! I MUST learn this craft!!!

  3. Hi ANNA
    Welcome to my blog to help people learn needle felting !
    Thanks for your kind words on my felted sculptures. I have about 100 more sculptures in my Etsy store.
    Check out my needle felting tips of the week for HOW TO GET STARTED NEEDLE FELTING! If you can poke wool with a needle, you can needle felt. Of course, you have to learn to sculpt the wool too! It’s all here in my blog!

  4. Felting, how I got started. Our village library held a class. Went to it and was “hooked”. One of our local farming families raise sheep & alpaca so they learned how to felt and share when they can.

    I wanted to learn a craft that was challenging, but not hard and that could be a way to make gifts. I find that felting has all those attributes.

    As a gift it is a gift from the heart because you plan it especially for that person whether it be a sculpture, purse, wallet, or anything else. Then for me I love that the little sheep or alpaca’s that I drive by every couple of days are part of my craft. When you tell your friend or loved one that (at least for me because all of our family and life long friends live in big cities) the wool came from the sheep down the road they think that is great.

    Now I’ve only been felting since 9/11/08 and I’m not any where near an expert, but I am finding that the more you create the better you get. And this blog is priceless for all the information provided! Thanks Gerry.

  5. Thanks for the terrific comment!

  6. There are many reasons I like needle felting; it is like therapy to me. When I sit and focus on what I am making, I visualize the finished project and that takes my mind away from anything negative. I love to hear the sound the needle makes as I ‘stab’ the fleece . One can really get out one’s frustrations at this time. Just be careful – it is easy to get carried away and prick yourself at this time. Of course if you do have the misfortune of pricking yourself, you can let out a yell. This again is therapeutic ;). Another thing I like is if something does not turn out as planned, it is so easy to fix. I remember the day I decapitated a dog: what a rush it was to just snip that little head off and start over again on another head without having to throw the whole doggy away. He did not feel it so we both were happy.

    I love the fulfillment I get when I create with needle felting . I hope one day to excel at it and to learn everything I can about this great Art form
    There is no end to the wonderful things to be made and sculpted with needle felting. One is only limited by one’s imagination. I think one of the greatest things about needle felting is the friendships I have made all over the world – all because of a little piece of fluff and a very sharp needle

    Mary Shelley

  7. Thanks so much for your comment! I feel the same way!

  8. When I first found felting I saw it used in felting patterns on bags, etc. and thought, “How beautiful! Perhaps I will try…” but hesitated for it was new. I did look into the art, though and found a felting technique in which knit or crochet items are made then washed to become felt. Now that I did try and made a very nice felted mat for my older cat, (he really seems to enjoy it, too!) Then I found dogs sculpted from wool. A little voice inside me said I must try this for I love dogs and know them well, (many would say they are my passion.) I admired all the wonderful sculptures of many things besides dogs I found, but doubted I could accomplish such art. The little voice would not leave me alone, in fact it got much louder after I found Gerry’s blog! I broke down and purchased a bit of felt and a small pack of needles. I did not want to begin with too lofty of a project and so I decided to start much more simply, I made a humble little mouse. As I worked the wool I found great satisfaction in shaping something from such a simple beginning. I was actually sculpting! Each time I pick up wool now the voice cries louder, “Let’s try another!” I still argue with that voice, (“I am no artist” – “Please? Let’s just try?”) therefore I must say I love felting for it is a medium which may be a direct outlet of something I have never used inside myself before, even if am I still filled with doubts about my own true creativity, the act of felting makes me think it may — just may — actually be in there somewhere. At the very least it’s surly a fun way to spend one’s time!

  9. Thank you for your lovely comment. You keep at it and you will soon be creating masterpieces!!! Listen to the positive voice and tell the other one to get lost!!!

    This is my motto…When someone tells me I can’t do something, including myself, I just say….OH YAH!! WATCH!!!

    That’s why I make my yorkies our of mohair. People tell me….you can’t felt mohair…..I say…where there’s a will there’s a way!! AND DO IT!!

  10. Hi. I just started…i made a snowman. Now I want to do a poodle for a friend of mine. Now I’m addicted! Laurie

  11. Hi Laurie,
    A snowman is a good place to start felting. There are lots of tips in my sheep tutorial that could be used to make a dog too….especially a poodle with the curly wool! Isn’t it just so much fun!

  12. Hi, I am just getting started. In fact, I bought some wool from you today on eBay that I will use for my very first project (hopefully it will look like a Scottie dog when I am done). I plan to visit your blog A LOT – so much to see and learn!

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