Posted by: gourmetfelted | October 24, 2008


Hi! This is “Felty” : ) He really likes all about needle felting LOL and he has his own needle felting kit with miniature needle, wool roving and pad!! LOL
He is always happy!!
bye : )

THIS IS THE WINNER!!!! I chose this feltie for a few reasons. Maru didn’t just make a feltie…she created a total scene here and you can’t help but smile. I think that’s one of the most important things about a needle felted creation..that it evokes an emotion. I try to make my dogs so peoples hearts are touched by their sweet faces. Maru’s feltie does the same thing.

I think that a needle felted creation should show  patience, persistance, creativity and humor. You can tell that Maru had a lot of patience and persistence to make all the little props to go with the feltie so that he can needle felt in style. The hat has a little strap. The sign has a little lady bug. There is a little bell on his neck.  He has a felting needle and foam with little balls of roving. To make a feltie felting is such a great idea and so creative!! The entire scene is very creative also and colorful.

I love the sweet little smile on his face and aren’t we happy when we are needle felting?

He even has a cute sign that says HAPPY FELTING!!

***THANKS SO MUCH to all the people who participated in the last contest. There were so many wonderful needle felted sculptures…I wish that I could give you all a prize!!! But the real prize is that you created something and you shared it with others. You had the courage and generosity to do that. It is so heart warming to see all of your precious creations and some from people who are just starting. You should all be very proud!! ALL OF YOU ARE REALLY WINNERS:)



  1. Great Job Maru!

  2. SO CUTE!!! Congratulations Maru! : )
    Hope to see more of your fun creations!

  3. sorry for my Spanglish n.n
    Hi!! thank you so much!! i and Felty, we are so so so happy and is not for the prize really ( wich is fabulous ) we are happy for your kind words, your support, for being part of this friendly blog with you and your readers. Also i have to say that i am feel so proud because all the contest entries was beautiful and laborious. Thank you for Gerry, she really has the spirit of happy felting, i love that phrase she always use and it was my inspiration! so … Happy Felting for anyone! : )
    Felty say: i am happy too!!

  4. An excellent choice! Congratulations, Maru, you deserve the prize! This was a fun and extra creative project. I loved it as soon as I saw it.

    Thank you, too, Gerry, for taking so much time to encourage us all. As always, you’re the best!

  5. Congratulations Maru! well deserved:)
    Thanks to Gerry too, It was so much fun 🙂

  6. Thanks to all of you who made it fun! Now I’m having another contest. It is a comment contest~ WHY DO YOU LIKE NEEDLE FELTING? Prize is a cute sheep needle felting kit with a mini hay bale and copper bell to hang around the neck of your sheep! Curly wool and felting needles included!

  7. Absolutely Wonderful!! This piece is a creative inspiration! Congrats Maru!!!

  8. Thank to all of you!! im so glad!

  9. You deserve it Maru! Terrific work!

  10. thank you gerry ^_^

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