Posted by: gourmetfelted | October 23, 2008


Hi Gerry, I made this fuzzy funny bunny out of the wool I bought from you! : )
she is much cuter in person, LOL
What is the white fiber? It’s so super soft!

Here is another new creation. Her name is “Princess Cammie Campster” and she’s a 1/12 scale custom order dwarf hamster. Although, I messed up and gave her a “gerbil tail” by accident!LOL



  1. Wow! What a couple of tinys!! You must have gotten poked a lot on those! The white fiber that you got from me is alpaca. Isn’t it terrific! I love alpaca as a fluffy coat and you can see why. It is just so soft too! Is your bunny 1:12 scale also?

    I need a magnifying glass for the hamster!!WOW!! You can easily fix the long tail….just cut it off! All fixed. You can do that with a lot of mistakes in needle felting. If one legs is too long..just cut it off and make a new paw. Head too big or small? same thing..Cut it off!!!YIKES! Then you start over and add a new head of the proper size! All perfect. It must have been very hard to make that tiny thin tail! I don’t know how you could do it! Is it felted too?

  2. Talk about detail! Your hammie as a whole is about the size of a detail on many other projects — I’m impressed! And I must say both of the critters turned out very cute indeed.

  3. Thank you both! : )

    I fixed the tail, but now I am trying to figure out how to add whiskers???

    The bunny is also 1/12 scale.

  4. I use some acrylic hair and thread a needle with a few and put it through the nose and glue one side at the base of where the whiskers come out. It will stay that way.

  5. How many times did you poke your fingers with them? Did you use magnifying glasses? HA!

  6. Miraculously I didn’t poke my fingers at all with these two, but I can’t usually say that!LOL
    Thank you for the wiskers tip. The tail is made of embroidery thread.

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