Posted by: gourmetfelted | October 22, 2008


This Orca whale tote is inspired by the Pacific Northwest where I live. We have resident pods of beautiful Orca Whales here in the Puget Sound. I have always loved these majestic animals.

I first handknit this tote with pure merino wool, then felted it to give it a strong and sturdy shape. I then needle-felted the Orca whales on it. The white bellies are made with my own handspun yarn.



  1. I was so hoping that someone would enter a flat needle felted project. This shows that you can felt anything that you desire on anything that is fabric!!One person felted her dog’s face on the back of her denim jacket! You can really be creative with this type of needle felting! Great job Corina!

  2. Thank you! Yes, it really is fun to needlefelt onto flat surfaces. This one is really fun because I first knit the tote, then felted it, then needle felted the whales onto it. The totes really “tell” me what kinds of things should be needle felted onto them, and this one screamed for Orca Whales!

  3. Corina:

    Love it. You did a wonderful job! Did you wet felt?What are the handles made of.


  4. Hi Janet. It depends what you mean with wet-felting… I first handknit the tote, which takes some time because you have to knit it really big. Then I threw it in the washing machine to felt it (would you consider that wet felting?). And when it was dry, I needle felted the Orca whales on it.
    The handles are made from leather.
    Thanks for your nice comment!
    Have a great day!

  5. Oh my! This is just beautiful! I love the colors of the bag, and the style as well as color is perfect for such magnificent animals. A marvelous job, Corina.

  6. How can I buy this purse I want this purse for chirstmas its amzaing I Love orcas very much and this is adorable

    • I believe that this purse is SOLD as it is no longer available. Sorry..

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