Posted by: gourmetfelted | October 22, 2008


Thought I would post this coupon holder (that’s what I use it for)/purse that I made.  This was my very first needle felted project several weeks back.  Simple & plain but I love it.



  1. THIS IS GREAT! I love the little scalloped edge. What a great idea! Now you can shop in style. Love the choice of wool with the flecks of color on it! Did you use a multineedle tool to felt this?

  2. I did half & half I finished with a single needle. It was a lot of needling to use just one. I don’t have a multi-needle but the instructors did so we got to use it since time was limited.


  3. How cool is this? So, I gather you were able to find a felting class? You are so lucky! I love your little bag and it looks like you find it very useful, too. It’s such a charming little bag!

  4. Did you use a form to make this or did you felt a big rectangle?

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