Posted by: gourmetfelted | October 17, 2008


Hi Gerry,
Here is my Teddy Hilton, for the contest. Perez Hilton is his dad. Take a look at my post and you can put up the link and story. I Needle Felted Teddy out of Mohair Curlies…..the story is in my link.


  1. Beautiful curly doodle! Great job! The mt dog is great too!

  2. yay! Thank you Gerry for entering Teddy and sharing him. He is the Worlds Most famous Goldendoodle. His daddy loved the work I did for him. Check out my Blog Link to read the Story of this Famous little puppy dog.
    Its my first Celebrity Needle Fetling.

    Many Soft Nickers,

  3. Your little guy has a very sweet expression!

  4. Good Morning Gerry,
    So here is my question, When are you going to host and hold our Needle Felted Convention in Las Vegas!!!! LOL……I just would be such a moment and pleaseure to meet You. This fourm is so helpful and fun to see everyones work. And everyone is so nice.

    Many Soft Nickers,


  5. HA! Actually, I am on the other side of the country so it would have to be in Boston!!LOL!! I did a craft show once and did demos all day long on felting and everyone thought that it was cool until the dog was almost done. Then everyone thought that I was torturing it or something and when they saw me STABBING the cute little dog, they looked horrified!! And asked.”.what are you doing to that dog!!!” HA!
    My hands were very tired by the end of the day, as was my voice explaining over and over that I was sculpting the cute little dog, not torturing it!!LOL!!

  6. How Funny! Yep…….the stabbing would get some that don’t know what is going on. I bet Boston is Beautiful!

  7. Yes they didn’t believe that I made it from a pile of fluff! I live on Cape Cod which is much more beautiful than Boston. That’s just the closest city.

  8. beautiful!

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