Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 27, 2008


I hope I am not too late to enter my pumpkin for the contest.  I hand felted the pumpkin and just tacked it to hold it in place, then added the shading fibers just needled enough to hold them firmly.  Since the pumpkin was soft felted the shaping was easy.  I firm felted the leaf, stem and stem cap.

It is about 2″ to the top of the stem, the pumpkin is about 1.25 ” tall and 1.75″ wide.

Linda M.


  1. This is really sweet Linda! Is this a pin?

  2. What a lovely little pumpkin! Gerry is right, if it is not already a pin you should think about adding one. It would make a very nice accessory to a fall outfit!

  3. Hi There,
    Gerry, just shared her site with me. What a nice pumpkin. You have done allotof detail to really make this artful. Very well done.

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