Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 26, 2008


NOW YOU CAN NEEDLE FELT! See my Needle Felted Pumpkin Tutorial inder my “TIP OF THE WEEK” and you can make a pumpkin in no time! You can even felt it with fat fluffy with yarn if you have no roving! You do need a felting needle which has special barbs on it. I get all of mine from theredbarnfarm selling on eBay.

When you’re done making a pumpkin, please enter it in my contest! send pictures to:


WINNER gets FREE WOOL of your choice!



  1. If you think that you have to needle felt for moths before you can make anything decent, just check out my last contest for new needle felters. There are lovely examples of people’s first or second felting projects and they are terrific!! Take a look!

  2. Okay, I used Gerry’s directions and made not one, but two pumpkins! If you have not yet made one, you really should! These are so much fun and the beauty of pumpkins is that slight imperfections just add to their realism, and they are actually pretty quick to make, too.

    I had to run errands and then teach a puppy class yesterday and work today so hopefully I’ll get some pictures taken tomorrow. The contest ends Friday, right? My family loves the little pumpkins so much they are demanding a more so we can set up a mini pumpkin patch!

  3. Can’t wait to see your pumpkins tomorrow!

  4. Yes the contest ends Friday night and the winner gets FREE WOOL of your choice!

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