Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 19, 2008



Congrats Carol!!! Look at these eyelashes on her dragon! This is only the second thing that she ever felted! She only had pink and black wool to work with….I don’t know about you, but I don’t know if I would have thought of something to make with those colors. This shows IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY!  She also wanted to make something for someone else which shows GENEROSITY.She made toes with claws and nostrils and wing patterning and individual black scales going down the back and onto the tail!! All in all a really WONDERFUL piece that is uniquely her own. It also shows a HUMOROUS subject choice. She wins a complete needle felting kit with her choice of wool!

I love Carol’s comment below:

“This ended up taking me quite awhile to make because when I tried to work the ideas in my head the felt had a different plan! ” Don’t we all find that out!! Isn’t it amzing that the wool seems to have a mind of it’s own sometimes! Carol had the PATIENCE and PERSISTANCE to keep working at it until she made her dragon!

NEEDLE FELTING starts with an idea in your HEAD. It has to go down your arm  and into your hand and through the NEEDLE into the WOOL. The TRICK IS……Getting the two to match!!!!

HUMOR-some of the first things that you make may be pathetic! It doesn’t matter! You will improve!! LAUGH and learn! Each thing that you create makes you better.



  1. Congratulations, Carol! That is a very cool Dragon and you really did well! There’s a lot of detail on that little guy. Just like Puff. lol Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see what you make next.

  2. I love all the reasons Gerry picked you as the winner, you deserve it. The dragon is very magical and perfect in your daughter’s doll’s arms! Now lets see what you make with your new assortment of wool colors from Gerry!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS on your winning dragon – it is really a well deserved win!!!!!!!!!


  4. Congratulation Carol !! ^_^ the dragon is to cute and you deserve it!
    Maru : )

  5. I haven’t heard from Carol yet!!!LOL!! She doesn’t even know that she won!!!I can’t wait to read her reaction!!

  6. We just got back from our trip to Florida. After playing with my dogs and getting a bite to eat I just had to log on to see how the contest turned out. I am stunned! I truly did not think I would win when there were so many wonderful, creative entries — even more of them than I had the opportunity to see before the contest’s official end! You folks are loaded with talent!

    Thank you so much for the honor of choosing my little dragon. It was a tremendous amount of fun to make. My daughter and son finally made me stop for the more I poked at her the more ideas I would get or I would try to tweak something and then to make it just right. They could see I am totally hooked on felting! I also appreciate your kind comments, congratulations and encouragement. With a group like this around it certainly makes it more fun to share! I can’t wait to find another project to begin!

    Thank you all again and a special thank you to Gerry for having this contest!

  7. Congratulations to Carol! Your dragon is adorable! Very creative idea! Can’t wait to see your next one!

  8. Thank you! Right now I’m planning on giving a stab, (pun intended!) at the pumpkin.

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