Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 18, 2008


Barbara said that she is specially proud of this sculpture and I can see why! You can tell that she was truly inspired!!  Soon to be listed on ebay!



  1. I LOVE this Giraffe, LOVE IT! The eyes, the vibrant color, the idea to even do a giraffe is great. How tall is this feltie? I would love to see more of your work.

  2. I found out that this giraffe is 11 inches!! That’s A LOT of neck!!

  3. *Gasp* What an amazing sculpture! Barbara, you have every reason to be proud of this. You are an inspiration to consider felting even what could be a daunting idea! You are bringing truth to the statement “anything can be felted.” The spots, the rounded nose and lips..beautiful…

  4. This is an amazing sculpture! Barbara has been felting for 6 months. She made the legs out of mesquite branches wrapped in wool and painted. The hooves and tail were painted to match the felted areas on the body. It would have been extremely hard to felt the thin legs and tail. She did a great job matching the two.

  5. This piece just blows me away! I can so appreciate the amount of time and effort the artist must have put into this! Not only does the giraffe look 100% real, but imagine the hours and hours of felting all of the spots! Just gorgeous!

  6. What a fabulous sculpture, great work and so lovely to see it all here!

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