Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 18, 2008


I think I have been needle felting for about 4 months…I’m not sure because time flies when you’re having fun!!!
I love to make miniatures, mostly animals.   Here are some pictures of my “Lov’in Bears”having a tea party and a picture of some 1/12 scale kitty siblings that I made.   Thank you for having this contest Gerry, what a fun idea!    I’m always looking to meet and learn from other felters. ~Lisa, Lovinclaydolls

Lisa Haldeman ~ OOAK Doll Sculptor


  1. Lisa is a sculpter. I noticed that the people who are used to sculpting in clay, are good when they start needle felting. They are used to thinking 3D and I am so impressed at how quickly they pick it up! Check out Lisa’s clay babies. They are really cute!

  2. These are just too sweet! Your talent just shines in both your felting and your sculpted babies! Did you sculpt that yummy cake at the teddy bears’ picnic, too?

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