Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 18, 2008



Okay, here it is. My second, “first” felting. This ended up taking me quite awhile to make because when I tried to work the ideas in my head the felt had a different plan!

My daughter has wanted to collect dolls for awhile, this is her first ball-jointed doll and she requested a fantasy-type pet for her Sprite, Moiety. (The dragon is still waiting for her name!) Try not to laugh too much — my color stock was limited as I am waiting for payday to get a proper felting stock started. It was fun though, and who says a dragon can’t be pink and black?

I LOVE FELTING!!! Thanks, Gerry, for getting us all so involved!

Also, I go out of town tomorrow and will not return until Monday. Since I will be away from computers for that time I want to wish everyone all the best! You are a very talented group for being new felters and I love getting to share in seeing your projects.

Until later,



  1. I just love your dragon Carol..Your quote:(I tried to work the ideas in my head the felt had a different plan!)This happens to me all the…I’ll start making something in my head and all of a sudden something else…Awesome work!Hugs! Beth

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