Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 17, 2008


Hi there
What a great idea and I love your blog
I dont know what you are classing as new needle felters, I started this summer and am loving it

No idea what to submit!!

The cat is made on a white merino wool base with no wire, then black alpaca felted round her and topped with a mixture of alpaca, silk, merino, and bamboo. Her eyes are also needle felted so she has no wire in her at all

The wolf is made round a pipe cleaner armeture with white and grey merino wool and some dog hair
this was my 1st attempt at needle felting eyes as I had run out of glass eyes

Pam Duthie

Checkout my Blog for Bens agility training, my needle felted critters and all the etsy shops I love



  1. This is a beautiful wolf! You surely have picked up needle felting quickly! It’s hard to see your cat. Is it a calico? It’s a good idea to photo dark sculptures outside in the sunshine so the details show. If you do have to photo inside, use spot lights to light up your subject. Experiment with different angles and lighting. You do want to show off your creations and all the details that you slaved over, right?

  2. These are beautiful sculptures! I think your felted eyes worked out very well.

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