Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 17, 2008


This Needle Felted Fox was featured in a treasury on Etsy. 

Her treasury is a collection of Foxes found on Etsy. I am honored to be included!



  1. What a stunning fox! I love going through and looking at your work. I especially admire your attention to detail. You have a good eye for how to set up a nice picture, too!

  2. Thanks so much! I think that taking the pictures is the most fun part! I usually take about 80 of them in different settings and poses and lighting and such. Then I choose the best 12 for ebay! I try to make them look as realistic as possible so when you see it in my hand, it is a surprise that it’s not real!!! See my new wolf in the flickr photos to the left. I just finished him and he is SIX inches tall and SEVEN inches long without the tail!!

  3. Gerry, amazing features, gorgeous colors. I bet you have a scrumptious studio filled of many colors and types of fiber! Are you creating a new felted critter every day??? I definitely need/want to put more time into this new craft. Presently when I have time to craft I am creating art out of fused glass.

  4. Actually I have no room in here for wool! I wish that I did! It is outside in a shed. Also, I have mostly neutral colors as I do animals. I make maybe TWO sculptures per week. It took me THREE days to do the wolf that’s in my flickr pictures on the right side panel. Your glass objects are lovely. I always wanted to work with glass, but I was afraid of getting burned. It is a fascinating craft!

  5. Enid! You have a marvelous talent with glass! I truly love your artwork.

    Wow, Gerry, up to 80 pictures? Of course your beautiful works must be so much fun to pose and think up locations to display them. You have a little something to teach us with most every post you make!

  6. Well, I figure if I take enough pictures, some of them have to be what I need! After all, on ebay they are seen all over the world!!
    Now THAT”S intimidating…..

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