Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 16, 2008

AMAZING DANCING DOG~Bluecroft My Blue Heaven~Collie!!~Tina Humphrey

This was sent to me last night and it is just incredible! It shows a very, very special connection between a dog and his owner. It is such a touching performance, It will bring tears to your eyes . Turn up the sound as the accompanying music is hauntingly beautiful and perfect for the dance! There is just something so special about this. It will WARM your heart! Enjoy!

Today I’m felting a blue merle sheltie that looks just like this dog!



  1. This is absolutely beautiful. This team has worked very hard to get to this level, and you simply can’t pull if off unless you have a special relationship, too.

    I take Musical Freestyle classes with my female Cairn, (Maisie – the one looking at the mouse.) I can attest to how hard it is to perform some of those moves. You may note the handler kept her hands behind her back the whole time, they were not available to give slight directions or corrections. I’m sure she used some voice commands, but dogs are very visual so that just adds to the difficulty of this performance. What magnificent heel work!

    The music was breathtaking, too. I must get a copy for my daughter!

    Thanks so very much for sharing this with us!

  2. That is so neat that you take musical freestyle dancing with your dog! What do you actually do there?

  3. We are still beginners, but we are working on a number of the moves you see in this, (not nearly so polished!) I “think” your link is actually showing canine dressage, but both use a lot of heel work to music.

    Mostly we are learning a variety of moves that are the basis for much freestyle work. Once we get the basic idea taught to our dogs we work them a bit to music, chaining a few of the moves together. It can take quite a bit to learn but I think it is the hardest on the handlers for you have to learn to cue your dog very subtly, listen to the music, keep your dog with you and not trip over your own feet! Later in the year our class may do a very short demonstration for the grand opening of a new dog facility. Maisie is not exactly an elegant dog so she would need either very peppy music or a comical routine to suit the way she looks and moves. (Our little group may use a short bit of disco music as we have a lab, a cairn and a basset hound in our eclectic, mini troop!) The fun value is top notch and training is an unbeatable way to bond with your dog. Maisie loves it so much she will sit at the bottom of the stairs on training nights and bark at me reminding me it’s time to go; when class is done she often tries to pull me back into our training building for she wants to keep working!

  4. I sent your link to my instructor, she knows who this is, Tina Humphrey, she says one of the best freestylers from England. (My instructor is from Europe and seems to know all the best handlers everywhere!)

    Want to see another by Tina Humphrey? This time high energy — anyone can see how advanced her training is!

  5. Last comment for now…I promise…just notice how the dog’s tail wags throughout the number! This should be the result of training — fun!

  6. I did notice that the dog’s tail do wag during the entire performance They must have fun doing it too!

  7. I love watching Tina and her dogs
    If I rem correctly that stunning dog is a rescue too

    I have done a little heelwork to music with my wee dog Ben, but classes were canceld this autumn :o(
    But it is really fun way to bond with your dog – and they love working with you

  8. I think that the dogs have more fun than the owners!

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