Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 13, 2008



Enid has made the cutest little MOUSE, BUNNY, AND PENQUIN. I GUESS MICE ARE THE FAVORITE OF MANY FELTERS! LOVE THE PENGUIN ON ICE CUBES! THE BUNNY IS ADORABLE TOO! She even felted a carrot for the bunny, and gave the mouse whiskers! Keep up the great work!! HAPPY FELTIING!!



  1. Enid! Your little animals are amazing! Your mouse has whiskers and your bunny a carrot! The bunny whisker pads white tinted pink are particularly cute. I love the feathery head of your penguin, too. You’ve got a nice eye for detail.

  2. How sweet of you to compliment the details I worked so hard on. Now on my 4th and 5th pieces I am starting to realize that once the core is established (the hardest part) the embellishing with details is particularly fun. I stare at the photos of posted by amazing needle felters like our hostess’ and get lots and lots of inspiration.
    What else are you working on?

  3. I just love the Ice as a picture backdrop! I think good creative photo’s are a great part of the “sale”….it feeds the imagination. Both the penguin and the bunny are darling! I agree with you on the “core” issue. It is the hardest part. The peice I just submitted was a nightmare for me. I’m new to this too, and was taken back by the head nearly falling off of my kitty. I asked Gerry if it was possible to felt someting to death! The details were fun, but next time I am definately going to try to use wire! Oh! I just saw the mouse peeking out over there! How darling! Great Job!!!! Cindy~

  4. CINDY>Did you felt the head first BEFORE you attached it to the body? I want to understand how you put this together so I cna help you realize how to fix it!

  5. I did felt the head first, then attached it, then decided it needed to be tilted some, I pushed it ever so slightly to the side and began trying to heavily felt through it to make it “stick”, did I “cut through” the previous connection by doing this?

  6. When you attach two thing together you have to have UNFELTED strands hanging off on one side. These are what you felt into the main body to hold the head on. If you do this correctly, you would have to pull very hard to get the head to come off. For the head to come off just from tilting it shows that it wasn’t felted in securely. I will do a tip of the week on this with pictures. When things are properly felted together, the pieces are almost impossible to separate. Be sure to take the extra time to felt things together tightly.

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