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~~~~~~~~~~FELTING NEEDLES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
There are tiny differences between those visually, but they felt a lot differently from one another. The lower the number, the larger the needle. My 36 needles are also the longest out of all of mine, but that just could be from where I get them from. That makes it easier when the 36 is the longest. That is the thickest one, and the one that you ALWAYS start felting with. You could start with smaller needles, but it would take MUCH longer to felt something.
My barbs on my needles go up about 1/2 inch. Be sure to use that much when you poke in. After you felt with the 36, you can switch to a smaller needle if you wish, The higher numbers are the thinest, and you can tell if you lay it next to a 36 that a 40 would be a lot finer. Use this needle for felting something that you want a smooth surface for, as the thinner needle leaves smaller holes. You can even lightly brush the surface with your hand and the holes will blend in and disappear.
I use a 36 always to start and then a 38 star. There are more barbs on it because it is a square with 4 sides instead of 3 as a triangle. It felts lots faster and really grabs the wool.
Anymore questions about needles?
I get all of my felting needle from “THEREDBARNFARM” selling on eBay!

On the left side of the page is her store items. Click on SPINNING & FELTING FIBERS
Felting needles are listed in packages of 1o to 100!
Check out her new CIRCULAR KNITTING NEEDLES that are only 9″ and 12 “. Yippee!!! No more dpns!!! I hate those!!! I just got one of each!! ***Tell Rose that Gerry sent you:)


***After you read this post, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page…..I know, it is a long page, but there are some lovely pictures on the way..At the bottom of this page there are several more “YOUR NEEDLE FELTING QUESTIONS ANSWERED” and also more “NEEDLE FELTING TIP OF THE WEEK” to help you. Just click on the title, and it goes right to the post. Go back after you’ve read it to click on another. Fun right?



  1. I’ve gotta get more needles…right now I’m stuck with just one size (there just wasn’t a selection where I bought my supplies.) Thanks for posting about the needle sizes, that’s something I was wondering about when I saw the different sizes in online shops. I’m sure the different sizes must enhance the projects greatly.

    I read you can hold more than one needle at the same time to speed felting, is that a good idea or do you risk damaging your needles?

  2. To tell you the truth, I felted for months with one size needle and everything came out just fine! I do use a multi needle felting tool when I work on larger pieces for the core. One has 3 needles and one has 4. I’ve never tried holding two needles together. I have all I can do to hold one!!

  3. Hey, Gerry! I get my needles from theredbarnfarm too! Top quality! Got a silly little trick to share. . . instead of using that multiple needle thingy with the round wooden cap that uses multiple needles, I make my own out of a wine cork! I cut a piece off the end, carefully stick two or three of the same size needles down through the cork and there you go!! Instant multiple needle thingy!!! Anyhoo, works pretty darned good! Not that I mind the multiple needle thingy a bit, mind you, I just like improvising!!!

  4. Hi Lori! That’s a great idea! I think I’ll feature it!

  5. OK LORI, I just made a post on your idea. Would you send me a photo so I could include that in it? Does the cork break?

  6. Hello Gerry and Everyone
    Me too I buy my needles from the redbarnfarm,
    Lori Thanks for your great suggestion with the wine cork I will try this for sure it will save me alot of time when I do my big felties.
    Unfortunatly I don’t have time to needle felt with the holiday season just around the corner I would Like to Wish Everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Ginette

  7. Hi Ginette, Thanks for stopping by! Everyone is busy this time of year. It takes forever to make something big with one needle. I have several different shaped handles on my needles. It helps to use different muscles when we are felting. This is good for your hands too. I use aspercreme when my hands are sore from too much felting. I just got all my rush orders done and shipped, so my hands did get tired!

  8. Hi Jerry I havnt been on here in awile still tryign to get resituated from the flood 🙂 What is yor email so I can send you the picture of the Felted Aussie, Sheep, Grass and fence post I had told you about awile back? Its finished and turned out really cute!

  9. You had a flood? I didn’t even know that!! Are you OK? Where do you live? I would love to see your felties! My email is
    I’ll be on the look out for your photos!

  10. They are on their way, hope they do not turn out wallpaper size! Let me know if they do and I will resend them!

  11. I got your photos! Very nice! Are you going to keep them? Love the scene. Do you mind if I post it? Do you have some details that I could put with it?
    That’s amazing that the water was so high. Did it do much damage to your house?

  12. Sure you can post it if you like 🙂 Im going to give it to a good friend for Xmas 🙂 The grass, sheep, Aussie and fence are all felted, and the tree is a branch from my lilac bush, the small clump at the base of the fence is a dried out lilac stem 🙂 So its all wool, wood, and dried plants 🙂 Not really any damage to my house, the basement was a muddy mess and the shed was a mess but nothing that couldnt be cleaned up 🙂 I got lucky alot of people had it much much worse than me so I was pretty fortunate!

  13. Sure, I’ll get a pic. . . I’m running ragged right now with the last minute Christmas stuff. . . ARRRGH!!! Thanks for featuring! Merry Christmas to all!!!

  14. OK. can someone help. I cannot find the source you refer to for needles, “the red barn” ???

    • I get all of my felting needle from “THEREDBARNFARM” selling on eBay! To find her shop, click on “Advanced Search” at the top of any ebay page. Then on the left click on “SELLER” a box will come up and type in “THEREDBARNFARM” She has lots of felting needles and she even has CIRCULAR KNITTING NEEDLES that are only 9″ and 12 “. Yippee!!! No more dpns!!! I hate those!!! I just got one of each!! Tell Rose that Gerry sent you 🙂

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