Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 12, 2008


These are Kimberly’s first felting projects. She made the cat first and then she made her dog. You can see the improvement in her third project, the Clydesdale horse. She even used horse hair for the tail! Very clever! Thank you for your entries! HAPPY FELTING!!



  1. Oh, so cute puppy and kitty! Good job!

  2. I knew it! Kimberly is definitely a natural felter. These are precious! I really like the kitty whiskers as an extra touch. Both would be so fun to find sitting on a shelf watching the household activities.

  3. Those are very sweet, are they modeled after your own pets or did the wool dictate their characters?

  4. what do you use for whiskers? I’m doing my first kitty too. These are all soooo cute.

    • Hi Barb,
      Welcome to my blog! The size whiskers depends on the size of the sculpture. I would use synthetic human hair or horses mane for whiskers. Be sure that the thickness of the hair is in proportion to the size of the animal. It is tricky to put them in the right spot, but it is worth the effort. Adding a few to different spots adds to the realism. Here is a link to some wonderful mini horse mane fibers!

      Happy Felting!

  5. I hope to win one of your needle felted what great work

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