Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 11, 2008


Here are some cute sheep made by SUMAYAH! They are her first project! Aren’t they wonderful! Sheep are fun to make for beginners as they are curly and fun to make! I may make a sheep tutorial along with my pumpkin tutorial is there is enough interest shown.  It’s just so much fun to try needle felting. Look what you can make even with your first try!! Keep up the good work SUMAYAH!!




  1. Those are so cute! I have to make one. Did you make the wire frame first?

  2. Yes, the wire gives it strength and posing ability. Also you can wrap a little wool around the wire, felt it on, add a little more. etc. Just don’t break the needle on the wire. AND WATCH YOUR FINGERS!!

  3. Sheep! Now I want a flock of mini sheep, too! (hint, hint — tutorial would be fun!)

    These sheep came out sooo nice. What a good job!

  4. I’ve also considered a sheep tutorial.Maybe sometime too!

  5. These ware wonderful…how do you get the curls?

  6. You can buy curly wool like this. I have some in my shop. People have asked me to make a sheep tutorial too!

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