Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 10, 2008


I had a really hard time choosing the second winner. There were a few runner-ups! This post really inspired me and got me thinking how much I could help new felters to get more enjoyment and to be able to know how to felt better. When I started felting I couldn’t find much help and when I did, it wasn’t very clear. I hope that I can help change that! I thought that it was also cute how she stayed up into the wee hours to finish her little sheep. I’ve also done that many a night!!   Congrats to sumayah!!   HAPPY FELTING!

sumayah |

Hi. what a blessing to have stumbled across this blog this morning. I’m a VERY new needle felter, I just completed my first sheep late last night. I’m not a night person, but I couldn’t sleep until she was complete. And though she is darn cute looking, I’m already beginning to see how far i can come as a needle felter. My greatest obstacle right now is technique. so many books say “roll and jab the wool until it resembles an ear” to a beginner like me, i’m left wondering what i’m actually supposed to do. So, if you had the time, i’d love to hear more about how to build a strong core (perhaps a detailed walk through of the pieces that you put together) and how to add the outer, nicer wool.

i opened a waldorf style kindergarten and my hope is to make a whole basket of animals for them to play with as well as pieces for the nature table. thanks for sharing your love and experience!



  1. Congratulaion for the winner! 🙂

  2. thank you!

  3. Well, Sumayah. Which free wool did you pick out?

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