Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 10, 2008


I am brand new to needle felting and I am sooooo inspired by your precious dogs! For my first project I used the fur that I brushed from my dog (Collie/Shephard mix) and I was going to try and make a needle felted dog that resembled her… Lo and behold after hours of work I ended up with a baby elephant! I don’t know how to attach a picture… perhaps I can email it to you? I have completed my second and third projects; a penguin and a bunny… Still my goal is to make realistic dogs like you do! Thanks for having this blog.



  1. I love how Enid photographed the elephant outdoors which is the thing to do when you have dark colored felties. Also I love how she placed him in his mini jungle pot! Such a cutie made from a pile of fluffy dog fur! Amazing, don’t you think?

  2. Let’s see your penguin and bunny Enid. This contest is for anything that new felters make. You can enter as often as you can felt something up! You have a little under 2 weeks!!
    Don’t rush though, or you poke your fingers more! Believe me!!

  3. I’d never thought of felting an elephant. That is too cute! Now my mind is spinning. Keep up the good work, Enid.

  4. You can make ANYTHING!! That;s the joy of felting! The skies the limit! Can’t wait to see your next project!

  5. OMW he is gorgeous! I love him. Well done, I am sure you really had fun making him and will enjoy him for a long time to come.

  6. I’m hoping to felt dogs using bits of their fur mixed in, too. I love your elephant, it’s got personality!

  7. Thanks for all your nice respones. This needle felting is addictive! I have been having so much fun. Even though I purchased beautiful corriedale roving that I used on the bunny and penguin I am still compelled to use my pet’s fur! I am going to keep practicing because it is fun, relaxing and the results are cute. My goal is to be capable of making dogs and cats that look like specific pets that belong to family and friends incorporating their real fur… Hey, maybe I’ll start saving the occasional whiskers that my cats shed!
    I just LOVE seeing everyone’s creations. I especially love learning new tips by reading this blog every day.
    Thank you!!!!

  8. I’m so glad that I have people that want to learn more and keep returning to read my blog! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

  9. This is wonderful!, just wonderful! NOt only did you do a fabulous job, you used your pets hair! I saved the hair from one of my rescue dogs, a sheltie, over a period of time. We never adopted her out because she and my son loved each other soo much. She later passed away. I still have that “fluff” in my collection of fiber, but have hoped to get better at felting before I attempt to use it as there will be no more! It is a goood idea for anyone out there who has a beloved pet to save their fur if possible, it may become a treasure beyond words later! Great job! Ijust love this site!!! Cindy~

  10. Did you see my Abbysinian Cat photos? The owner commissioned me to make one of her cat and use some of his fur to do it. I blended it with other colors to make it the right color and put it as a final layer on his body. Sadly, he had to be put down as he had FIP. He was only 2 years old:(
    Well, now she has my keepsake sculpture to remember him by. I hope that it helps her to remember the good times that she had with him!

  11. I must admit that using some of the pet fur is part of the appeal of felting to me. My daughter what trying to even come up with a way to incorporate real feathers from my birds, (they are getting very old and she knows having a lasting keepsake like this would mean a lot to me in later years.) She even suggested simply felting around a feather so that part of one of my guys would be “at the heart” of the sculpture. I kind of liked that…unless you have a suggestion to use feathers?

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