Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 6, 2008



Someone asked me what a good first project would be.

My answer! What ever INSPIRES YOU!

My first project was a fluffy pomeranian. Not an easy thing to make, but I loved doing it!!!

DO YOU THINK?……I could never do that……I don’t have a creative bone in my body……

WELL… THINK AGAIN!!!!   ANYONE can needle felt. You can do what ever you wish! Just have fun and play with the wool. Many people let a project form while they are doing it. No plans…they just let the wool let them know what it will be. Remember in my “Felting Fun” story with the boys? We were making a black cow, but somewhere along the way it turned into a Scottie. That’s fine!

ART isn’t about the goal…it’s the CREATIVE process that’s important! It’s YOUR project and YOUR feelings and LOVE will go into it. My best dogs are the ones that I’ve made just for fun, because I had an “itch” to make a certain breed with a certain look. ANYTHING can inspire you! Just do it!

This is just wool! It can be changed. If the head is wrong just cut it off and make another! Leg too long? Cut it to the right length! Too short? Add more wool. This is an easily changed medium to work with. You can have so much  fun painting with the wool to get it just how YOU want it…..

And when you’re done….you will have a unique, wonderful creation that was made by you..from the heart!  HAPPY FELTING!! the fingers!!!



  1. Okay, you ladies have gotten me excited about starting a project. I had ordered and received a couple of books on felting last week and yesterday I took that long drive to get to a craft store which carries a few, (very few,) felting supplies. I’m sure I over paid, but I did get a bit of stuff to begin — a mouse—at least I think it will be a mouse, it may be a bunny as I continue. (I see what you mean about the wool changing projects on you!) I thought a mouse may have a simple enough shape to start to get the feel of felting. Now we’ll see how it goes!


  2. Excellent! I’m sure that you will love it! It will feel very odd in the beginning…like writing with the opposite hand, but you will get the hang of it. Just ALWAYS know where the tip of your needle is. Keep your fingers away form the tip. It does draw blood if it sticks you. Just use peroxide if it gets on the wool! Comes right off! Please send me a photo when you’re done! I was thinking of having a beginners felters contest. What do you think? HAPPY FELTING!

  3. Yep, I’ve already caught myself with the needle tip a time or two. But, I must say it doesn’t hurt as much, nor bleed as much, as a hamster nip! (I work in a pet store and when new hammies come in they are always stressed and inevitably a couple will bite. With a bit of time and handling they are sweeties and ready for new homes.)

    I appreciate the tip of peroxide on the wool. I was careful not to get any blood on my project, (I only bled from one stick, the others were more like… mild pokes,) but wondered what to do should that happen.

    As for a contest, well I’m not the most creative of people, though I enjoy working on little projects. I would love to see what others can do, it gives inspiration!


  4. OH come on!!!! I would LOVE to see some or even one of your projects!! Everything will be considered no matter what! It’s the journey that counts and if you had fun making it, I’d just love to see it…don’t be shy. I know it is scary putting your work up for the world to see..but you can inspire other people with your inspiration. Everyone usually starts small. .Like baby steps right? We have to learn to walk, before we can jog right?

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