Posted by: gourmetfelted | August 29, 2008


I had two interesting questions this week, so I will answer both on answer question day. The first is:

I love your yorkie pin! It is so lifelike and its one of my favorite dogs! Do you use wire for it as well or are you able to felt it without?

I did put wire in this yorkie pin. It could easily be made with out the wire, as long as it is firmly felted. I use wire in all of my sculptures, including pins. I am used to making them that way. I like to felt onto the wire and it makes for a stronger sculpture. This would be good in a pin as it would get more wear and tear than a sculpture sitting safely at home on a shelf.  Also since there is the wire inside, there is a little posing abiltiy. The head can turn and the legs can move. If you made a  yorkie sitting, it can give a paw or not. You could also make it in a “sit up” position. You could also make a pin just with a dogs head and there would be no need for wire in that case. It’s always good to experiment and see what works best for YOU. You are the artist, and you may like one way better than another. The important thing is a nice result. HAPPY FELTING!

You can see my other yorkie pin in my Etsy shop!


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