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I also had this question earlier in the week.


 My greatest obstacle right now is technique. so many books say “roll and jab the wool until it resembles an ear” to a beginner like me, I’m left wondering what I’m actually supposed to do.


When you are needle felting you always have to remember that the finished area will be about 1/4 of the size of the fluffy wool clump that you start with. So to make an ear, you need a good pinch of wool that is about 4 times larger than the finished size that you need.

I take the pinch of wool and twist slightly and fold in half. I hold it down on my felting foam with a straight pin with a ball end. MUCH SAFER! If you try to hold it with your fingers….OUCH! Then I felt it on each side to the shape that I want. Felt the ear all over until it is very thin. It takes quite a while to make one little ear. Then the hardest part is to make another one that looks like the first one! Also you need to leave the bottom of the ear unfelted, so you can felt in the loose ends to attach to the head.

When you are done with the 2 ears, pin them on the dogs head for placement. This also holds the ears in place without your fingers to aviod the OUCH! Don’t give up. Putting the ears on is tricky. The ears really make the dogs head, so don’t rush!

 ATTACHING THE EARS~Felt along the front bottom and back bottom of the ear. Pull to be sure that you felted it in firmly. If they are too big after attaching the ears, just trim off the extra! This is only wool after all, and it can be changed. If they are too small, lay your dogs head against your felting foam and felt on a little more wool. Trim to shape. That’s all there is too it! HAPPY FELTING!

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  1. I did learn part of this on my own. What I have trouble with tho, is adding a little pink or lighter color to the inside of the ear. What happens to me is that the lighter color pops out on the other side of the ear. I have been able to cut/trim the fibers pretty well, but it seems that there must be a better way. Is there?

    • Just flip the ear over.
      Put the pink down on your foam and the felted ear over it. Felt through the ear to pick up the pink from the back of the ear. Then the ear wool goes into the pink making it look more natural. Trim off any strays.

  2. Thanks for all your comments CJ. Why don’t you vote on the felting contest also? Pick your favorite in the beginner division and one in the advanced. Thanks!

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