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Starting today and for the next 2 weeks I will be having a COMMENT CONTEST! I will give a FREE wool package($10 value) to the most interesting comment. Just go to and you can pick out which wool or other fiber that you would like. Then come back here and leave a comment on any post with your wool choice. I will pick a winner each week as a thank you for your comments! Thank you!



  1. Hi I am a fairly new felting person. I have worked with woven wools in the past but only in the last 6 mos really given needle felting a go. One of the easiest things i have done was make the felted geode type pin cushions. Sometimes though I also make a tube of multi colored roving and felt it very tight. Then my choice of cutting tool to cut thru the “geodes” or tubes is an old electric knife for carving meat. It works great and gives a much cleaner cut than snipping with scissors.
    Another tip i hesitate to give out because I am afraid it might mean I will have a harder time finding this treasure…but since we artists and crafters need to support each other.. I will share. When I am looking for cheap roving to make a felted center that doesnt matter if its plain.. I use the roving I have found on Southwestern decor items ( like mendalas and dream catchers) Since that style decor is a bit passe now.. they show up at thrift stores and garage sales fairly often and cheap. usually long strands are tied on and not glued. HOWEVER be sure you have real wool and not a synthetic I hope you will consider me for a contest winner. I would love to try felting a dog like one of the ones you do. I collect vintage dog images and figurines and I think if i make a decent one it could be showcased with those. Thanks Betsy

  2. I forgot to tell you what i do with the tubes! I cut the tubes into small circles and then can attatch a pin back to them or add earring findings to the felted circles to wear as jewelry. Betsy

  3. Hi Betsy! Congrats on being the first one to leave a comment on my new blog!! Thank you so much for your tips! Please go to my Etsy shop and find the wool/fiber that you would like if you win and tell me. Some synthetics WILL felt. Pillow stuffing is cheap, ie. polyfill, but you have to test a little bit to see if it will felt. Some does, some doesn’t. I guess you’d have to go shopping with your felting needle!!LOL!! HAPPY FELTING!

  4. Thanks so much for telling me about your blog – love reading blogs of real people.
    I must say I am amazed that for a country with so many natural resources (ie millions of sheep and goats) the hand-made/ cottage industry scene is very small here in South Africa. It seems as if people think hand-made = cheap, or rip-off or something tacky!
    We have stunning wire and bead creations, but very little else in a big way, which is sad when unemployment is so high. I would love to introduce more people to needle felting as the ladies who do the beadwork have a wonderful sense of the artistic and do amazing work – maybe one of these days…. well, a girl can dream after all! Meanwhile I am going to learn to make dogs, I love them and can’t wait for my book to arrive. At the moment I am enjoying making mini bears- each has it’s own character and they assume their character as I work, I never plan or even picture what they are going to turn out like, I just let them develop as the felt talks to me – I find it incredibly satisfying.

    If I win I would love the assortment just like your picture above – or a selection of mohair – I really am not phased what I get really as I love playing around and experimenting.
    Soooooo much to dooooooo… liiiiittle time to do it in!

  5. Hi. what a blessing to have stumbled across this blog this morning. I’m a VERY new needle felter, I just completed my first sheep late last night. I’m not a night person, but I couldn’t sleep until she was complete. And though she is darn cute looking, I’m already beginning to see how far i can come as a needle felter. My greatest obstacle right now is technique. so many books say “roll and jab the wool until it resembles an ear” to a beginner like me, i’m left wondering what i’m actually supposed to do. So, if you had the time, i’d love to hear more about how to build a strong core (perhaps a detailed walk through of the pieces that you put together) and how to add the outer, nicer wool.

    i opened a waldorf style kindergarten and my hope is to make a whole basket of animals for them to play with as well as pieces for the nature table. thanks for sharing your love and experience!

  6. WOW! Your first sculpture! How exciting for you! I still have my first sculpture which was of a pomeranian. I saved it as it is precious to me. I was so proud of it at the time and showed everyone. My friends were nice enough to like it, even though it really wasn’t that great! (grin) A sheep seems to be an easy project but felting the curly wool on, can be tricky! I will answer your question about “roll and jab” later in the week with some photos for you to see. I know what you mean about vague felting directions. That’s why I wanted to make my post about felting questions answered. I will also be making a sheep tutorial as people seem to like trying a sheep first. I have the cutest wool with the tinest curls that is perfect for sheep. I also have a cute lanb that I just made in my Etsy shop. Did you see it?

  7. Janet’s comment shows that there is so much potential if people just try something new! I am so glad that you are going with needle felting! It is truly a creative process as you make a wonderful little sculpture out of a fluffy pile of wool. The sculptures are so cute and huggable!

    I love experimenting with new fibers. I know that it sounds corny, but the fiber does show you what it should be sometimes, I know just what you mean! One time I was trying camel that is SOFT! and I was going to make a corgi with it, but the finish was all wrong for a corgi so it turned into a golden instead and it was perfect for that! It is worth experimenting! HAPPY FELTING!

  8. NOT TOYS!
    One thing about needle felted items. They are not toys! They are made for collecting and should be gently handled. I’m not sure that they could stand up to children playing with them. Also, unless you felt on the eys and noses, they would have small parts that could be dangerous for small children. They should however be safe with older children who are gentle.

  9. I love to make things; love to try new and different techniques. I started needle felting while I was ill last winter. I had stumbled across the little dogs on the net, and had to try them (I’m a dog person). After finding the required tools; lo and behold, I found your shop on etsy – you ARE the felt dog guru. After a little trial and error, I ordered the proper fibers to make a tiny Vizsla dog, in memory of my Chili dog, who I lost last year. Chili turned out great! (if I say so myself). I put a tiny silver collar on him, and he is now in the possession of the Show-Me Vizsla Rescue organization; where he will either be raffled off or put in a silent auction to raise funds for the Rescue. In the future, I plan to donate coupons for custom felt dogs incorporating “special” pet hair, also to raise funds for the Rescue. Thanks so much for your absolutely marvelous dogs being such an inspiration. I’m so very happy I can have fun crafting, and also have it benefit a worthy cause.

  10. Needle felting is fun!!! Needle felting is not only a very satisfying hobby, it is also an art. It is a long process, but it is so much fun to use my creativity to sculpt little creatures with a mere needle and a handful of wool! I am so happy to see a blog supporting needle felting. Gourmet felted is a great artist and I wish years of felting fun to all! Thanks so much!

  11. Hi Nancy, Thank you so much for leaving a lovely comment on my blog. My sister had a Visla also. They would be a great model for felting! Chili was a great name! I’m glad that my dogs inspired you! That is so sweet that you help a rescue group. I too also contribute to CCDR-Coast to Coast Doxie Rescue. They raise funds to help doxies that need operations. It is wonderful to be able to help real dogs with our felted dogs. HAPPY FELTING!

  12. Hi Joanna, Thank you very much for leaving a comment on my blog. I too marvel at the things that I can make out of wool and other fibers. Sometimes I wish so much to keep them…you do get attached after working on them for hours. I hope that I can help people with felting in any way that I can. HAPPY FELTING!

  13. Hi, I found this from your etsy site! I’m not even sure what needle felting is and how it’s different from regular felting, but your sculptures are beautiful.

    I’ve been reading about felting and would like to try making some felted booties to wear around the house during the winter (which is how I ended up looking for felting wool). I got two angora rabbits in April, ergo lots of angora wool to work with, some in various stages of niceness as I learned how to deal with it, but a good amount of felting grade.

    I’ve learned that if you brush the wool off, no matter how clean it is, it tends to felt a bit, because of the plastic in the brush. Also keeping it in plastic bags makes it felt. So now I pluck my bunnies when they’re shedding (it doesn’t bother them at all) and keep the nicer wool layered in a cardboard box (kleenex boxes with the plastic taken off are ideal for this).

    But I need something to blend it with. The difficult thing is that my bunnies are black and white/gray, and a lot of natural fibers have red and tan tones, so it’s hard to find things that match. So if you have some black/white/gray/silver fiber left, I would love it! Thank you so much for the offer.

  14. Thank you so much for your kind words! Needle felting is poking wool with a special barbed needle that dry felts the fibers together so it turns out like hot water felting minus the water! It would take forever to needle felt booties. It would be easier to make them by knitting or crocheting and then hot water felt them. You couldn’t use angora unless you spun it with a stong wool. The angora fiber is way too soft for soles, toes, or heels and would wear out very quickly. I do have long gray wool that would be perfect for the job! Do you know how to spin?

  15. I sit here in my quiet space
    Putting aside the day I’ve faced
    Eagerly pulling my basket out
    This is MY moment without a doubt.

    So soft, the fiber between my fingers
    I only wish this time could linger
    For so many ideas run through my mind
    If only I could find a little more time!

    In and out the needle goes
    What shape is next? Maybe toes?
    Maybe eyelashes, or a tiny pout….
    Alas, evening turns night…time has run out!

    Yet tomorrow is another day,
    I’ll do my work and then I’ll play!
    I’ll sit there in my quiet space
    and felt away the day I faced.

    Thanks so much for inviting me to this blog…I was very pleased to see so many instructions as I am always eager to learn. I can see this site will be a great way for me to advance my beginner skills! Felting is a beautiful hobby. I paint pet portraits, and often they keep me in my art room, away from my family. Felting is something that I can do in solitude or in the presence of my family. I can start and stop at the drop of a hat, I can even take my basket with me while I wait for someone at the doctor’s office. I have hopes of using the pieces that I make to help toward the animals I rescue. It’s a very comforting hobby and I am so glad I have stumbled upon it and the wonderful people I have met through it. Many thanks, Cindy

  16. I LOVE this poem. It is just how I feel. I can felt in the mornings, so I go to sleep so I can wake up and felt! It is a lovely thing to look forward to, isn’t it! I also take my felting with me when I’m going to be somewhere for a long time. People sometimes wonder why I am torturing a dog with a needle!!LOL!! They don’t realize that I AM SCULPTING IT!! Thank you so much for your comment! HAPPY FELTING!!!

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