Posted by: gourmetfelted | August 25, 2008


I had the most fun this weekend. I was visiting a friend and took my needle felting supplies with me as I was working on an order. His grandson came over and wanted to know what I was stabbing. He was fascinated, and wanted to make his own sculpture. I had some left over wire and extra black wool so we decided to make a black angus cow. Some how if turned into a Scottie, but that’s OK. I was amazed how quickly he picked it up, AND he didn’t even stick his finger!

I went back the next day and took extra supplies with me….just in case! He was more ambitious and wanted to make a border collie! I had the wool and extra needles so away he went! I even showed him how to make a wire armature. About halfway through, his brother  came in and wanted to join the fun. He wanted to make a black lab and he did it. I was very pleased that they both were felting like crazy with the energy and enthusiasm of youth! They also got poked, so learned that sometimes there is pain with creativity!LOL!!  They are both only 12 and twins. They both picked up needle felting amazingly fast and they were still hard at it when I left. I gave them each a needle and extra wool to be able to finish their dogs. I hope to get some pictures so I can post them!

Keep up the good work boys! HAPPY FELTING!



  1. I love this story! Sharing creativity is one of the best things you can do, and to share it with youngsters is great – it gives them an outlet to actually create something instead of just playing games on a computer all day long!
    Can’t wait to see the pictures of the boys’ creations.

  2. I can’t wait to see the finished sculptures myself. They are such natural born felters..I wanted to hire them myself!!LOL!!

  3. Isn’t it heart warming to see the younger generation doing something other than surfing the web and just hanging out. These kids sound special. Hope you’ll post a picture of the boys holding their masterpieces.

  4. Hi Linda, They were special boys alright! I may be able to contact them this weekend to see if they finished their sculptures. I hope that they didn’t break their needles!

  5. I love when kids get involved in anything creative-they often don’t have a preconcieved idea that they can’t learn the craft so they aren’t held back by fear of failure. I got my son’s girlfriend interested in felting and she has done much more that me already! I’d love to see the results of the boys work.

  6. I’m working on getting pictures of their finished dogs. Will publish as soon as I see them:)

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