Posted by: gourmetfelted | August 22, 2008


Now you can have your needle felting questions answered. Anything that you can think of. Having a problem with a project? How do you protect your fingers? What if one leg is too long? What is the best wool for the core? *See my previous post for the answer to that. What is the best size felting needle to use? Do you know if you use the wrong size needle, your project can take twice as long? What is the best way to mix colors?

Remember, this is wool, not concrete! ANYTHING can be fixed, cut off, replaced, removed, redone to produce the best result!

I’d be happy to help you to have fun needle felting. ASK AWAY NOW!

Just click on the picture to see magnify to see the details on my needle felted fox or yorkie pin. Thanks!

Please see all of the possibilities for dogs and other animals in my Etsy shop~



  1. Hi Gerry
    I cannot get small noses for dogs here in South Africa – would you consider supplying eyes and noses along with the lovely wools?

  2. Hi Janet,
    The eyes are glass and are readily available form jncshop on Etsy or eBay. He has all sizes and colors and you can order a custom color combination if you like for no extra cost. I use 4mm or 5 mm eyes for a 3 to 4 inch dog. He is very friendly and has 5 star service. As to the noses, I guess I’ll have to have a tutorial on how to make them! They are easily made of out sculpy or fimo and cook right up in no time. I make a few sizes and colors at once so I always have the right size for the dog that I make. HAPPY FELTING!

  3. Oh thanks Gerry. Great, I wanna make noses!!!!! Eagerly awaiting your tutorial… my doggy book arrived yesterday and I will be getting it this afternoon – I am soooooooo excited *jumps up and down and does a happy wiggle*

  4. I will definitely make a “nose” tutorial soon! Today my needle felting tip of the day is about how to make a wire armature. Hope that it is helpful! HAPPY FELTING!

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