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The Beginning:
Many people ask me how to start a needle felted sculpture. After you get a felting needle and wool..what next? Well, a sculpture is only as good as it’s core. The core is the inside wool that supports the sculpture and in the case of a long coated dog, holds in the fur. Even if you create a beautiful work of art, if it can’t even stand up on it’s own, it needs help! I ‘ve experimented with many wools for the core, and I think that romney wool is the best by far. It helps felting go so much easier and because of that, it is perfect for both beginners and experienced felters. It felts very quickly which is a help as hours are spend on creating the finished product.

I usually spend two hours felting the core wool. The core needs to be felted firmly to hold in the longer wool if making a long coated dog. Also it needs to be felted firmly enough to stand up, but not too firm, so that posing ability is hindered. When you squeeze the core, it should give slightly, but your fingers shouldn’t sink into it. If it does, just add more wool and keep felting, Patience pays off as you make the foundation for a beautiful wool sculpture. HAPPY FELTING!


  1. Finally an explanation on the “core” pary and firmness of a sculpture. I am attempting to do doll house size sculptures. Its lots of fun. So far all I’ve managed is bears and the core of a dog that a friend thought was a sheep. LOL…
    I’ll be back for more instruction. Thanks for doing this, and for the “wool” and bell you sent.

  2. I always felt firmly, but since all of my sculptures are poseable, not too hard! If I make a long haired dog, I make sure that the core is very firm so the felted fur will stay in when it’s inserted. You have to be sure not to make the fur too thick , or they can’t move then either! There have been times when I had to pull half of the fur out!!LOL!! Keep trying until you can tell how much too felt in.Don’t be afraid to experiment! After all, it’s only wool, and can be fixed!

  3. What is your techique for adding the long hair? I have felted 2 long coated dogs so far, but, wondered if there is a special way to make sure the “hair” stays in. Also what do you use for the “hair”? I love your blog, just found it today and think your work is beautiful.

  4. Hi Linda! That was such a great question! I answered it in my “your needle felting questions answered”. Please see my new post for info. I’m so glad that you like my blog. You can send my a picture of your long coated dogs if you would like to have them on my blog!Send to

  5. I am working up the courage to make a long haired dog. I hope to make a Golden Retriever.

  6. Be sure to check my “tip of the week” adding long fur!

  7. I have a dog I need to make, I am going to apply this! Thank You so much for this.

    Many Soft Nickers,


  8. Your welcome Debra, Maybe you ‘d like to enter your dog in my felting contest!

  9. have you ever used a reverse needle for making fur?

    • Hi Francine,
      That is a great question. Yes I have tried using a reverse felting needle before. It makes short fuzzy fur similar to a long velvet. It is fun to experiment with to see if you like it.
      Happy Felting!

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